What happened to MobilityArena.com over the weekend

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You noticed that Mobility Arena was down from Saturday afternoon till yesterday morning; right?

On Saturday, we had carried out a scheduled server move. It wasn’t the first time and it won’t be the last. Why move servers? In layman’s language: faster website loading for our readers. It was a simple task. We did everything according to the books. It all looked good. Suddenly, our database was missing on the new server.

All hell was let loose.

Checking, we could see that all our content was intact. Okay, more like 99%. About ten images and two published blog posts were missing (and they are all still available in drafts anyway). Not so bad. But without a database, even all the other 99% content were useless.

We picked up a set of regular backups. The restoration of those failed.

We tried the manual backup that we took just before the migration. No database in there as well!!!

This was Sunday afternoon. Mobility Arena had been down now for about 24 hours. I had planned to have a restful weekend. This database palava was threatening to kill it. My face wore this horribly huge frown. I am certain that you do not want to see it. But I thought you’d love to see the big smile I put on after the day was saved:

BB Passport - Moverick

Nice; right? So back to the story….

Thankfully, we have multiple backup points for Mobility Arena. We had tried two and had one left. If this last one failed, we were in trouble. Yesterday morning, we tried the last set of backups, and thankfully, the database was intact. We had your favourite tech blog on all things mobile back up and running in a few hours. Yes; we have a few things to iron out, but those things are child’s play compared to losing a database or losing 7 years of content. We will fix the few things that are out of place today.

We apologise for the inconveniences. We got all your messages of concern and appreciate the loyal following that this website has. Mobilistas rock!

Lesson: Keeping multiple backup points/services may cost you more, but it might very well save your neck one day.

Today, we resume posting those great reviews that you have come to love and appreciate, the news items that matter to you, the fun stuff that you enjoy, as well as those helpful articles about how to solve issues that you face daily in using your smatyphones. Mobility is back with a bang!!!

PS: Special thank you to Samuel Adeniyi who called in to alert us of the issue on Saturday.


  1. Congrats o.

    I once lost the contents of a hard disk and thought I would die. Luckily, that didn’t happen. Or, did it?


    There is this film called Alien by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    In it, one alien had Annie by the neck, off the ground, against a tree, and showed Annie it’s ugly mug, fangs, mandible and all, at close quarters .

    Annie took a look, grimaced, and said, ‘You are one horrible looking son of a b…’

    But I thought you’d love to see the big smile I put on after the day was saved:

    Smiles, yeah, a smile makes even ugly mugs look less scary ×× flees ××

  2. I had noticed Mobility Arena was down on Saturday, depriving me of one of my weekend activities. Not the first time, but okay. I came back on Sunday, and a “down for maintenance” message.

    Eek. Not good. Anyway, I decided to take the opportunity to check out Mobility Ghana which was interesting, especially the mobilius telephonus giganticus….how comes that we haven’t seen the X-Tigi in Nigeria, or did I miss that story?

    And Mister Mo…that picture…you sure say you never try that kain Ogogoro the government wants to ban? *pushes IBK out of the way and flees”

  3. One of those things.It happens at times .Makes us to learn more. We give God the glory.

  4. We have Mobility Ghana 0.0 .. Lemme check it out… I just noticed I ddnt get any emails….

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