Some days ago, I published an article titled “What is the problem with Etisalat BIS and WordPress Mobile for BlackBerry?” In brief, I have been unable to…

What is the problem with my BlackBerry 9810 and WordPress Mobile?

BlackBerry 9810 Torch
BlackBerry 9810 Torch

Some days ago, I published an article titled “What is the problem with Etisalat BIS and WordPress Mobile for BlackBerry?” In brief, I have been unable to setup and manage any WordPress account on the BlackBerry WordPress app. This article is a sequel to that.


I mentioned the following in that article:

– that it looked like an Etisalat issue because some other subscribers complained of similar issues
– that Etisalat technical support got in touch and were able to use the app on range of devices at their end


I got back to those individuals who had told me that they were unable to use the app and walked them through setting it up successfully. It works at their end. Their earlier complaint was due to human error at their end. This leaves me alone with this problem.

It is looking like this is NOT an Etisalat issue. Or that if it is, it is an isolated case.


I was able to use the app on my wife’s Blackberry 9650, and I still use the WordPress for Android app without issues till date. That means, the problem is not with the Mobility site’s backend.

As a matter of fact, using BlackBerry Bridge, I am able to use WordPress on the PlayBook, but it just doesn’t work on the 9810.

I have also downgraded my 9810 from OS7.1 back to the OS7.0 that it shipped with. Still, this WordPress app isn’t working. Searching Google hasn’t turned out any generic issues of this sort. I am getting stumped. Perhaps, the problem is my 9810 itself.

In the meantime, I am upgrading the 9810 back to OS 7.1. I might as well enjoy the new benefits anyway, WordPress or no WordPress.

Kudos to the Etisalat support team

Not only did the Etisalat technical team call me and were very knowledgeable, they also later asked for the contacts of those other who were unable to use the app, so they could help too. Of course, by then i had sorted out those others.

Thanks, guys!

At this point, I think that there is no fear that there is a conflict between Etisalat BIS and the WordPress app. It looks like my device is the culprit. This is inconclusive, but the trail of available evidence strongly favours this position.

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  1. @ Mr Mobility
    Is there anybody with the same model of blackberry as you that has the same issue? Does any of the other guys have the same model of blackberry as you?

  2. The more reason why I like Mobility blog, saying it the way it is. The problem at hand might be with the 9810,
    @Etisalat customer care reps, thank you. Keep up the good work.

  3. this is one of the reasons why i am so cool with Etisalat.
    bring in same model as yours,and run a forensic matching.

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