This one is nice and easy: if money was not an issue, what mobile phone in the market right now would you buy? Give us

What phone do you want?

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mobilesThis one is nice and easy: if money was not an issue, what mobile phone in the market right now would you buy? Give us at least three (3) devices in your order of preference.

Note: unreleased devices are not valid.

Why we are asking? Well, let’s just say that MobilityNigeria will be giving you an opportunity to win a dream device shortly. As such, your contributions to this question might just help make your dream come true. Also, be sure to keep your eyes on this site.

E fit be you! 😀

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  1. In order of preference, i’d like:
    1. HTC Desire (an android 2.1 phone) or any HTC phone running android 2.2

    2. Nokia N900 (it runs the new Maemo OS)

    3. Nokia X6 – 8Gb version (it’s the latest version of the x6)

    note- i would include the Nokia N8 runnin the new Symbian^3, but it hasn’t been released yet.

    All the best,! I hope i win.

  2. 1. HTC My Touch 3G slide (awesome device)
    2. Blackberry Bold 9650 (i can’t live without a blackberry & my 8900 needs an upgrade)
    3. HTC Desire (lovely device but way out of my league)

  3. i think’s it’s unfair invalidating unreleased phones as my utmost preference, i believe, is around the corner, any MEEGO powered phone!

    A distance second would be a Nokia N900

  4. will not name any particular device(s).

    however, my dream device must have outstanding battery life, have the biggest possible TOUCHSCREEN display. and most importantly, have a bucketful of AWESOME thirdparty applications available for the platform on which it runs!

  5. (1) HTC Desire (I dream of this phone almost everyday, I even have the manual (PDF) which I read through four (yes 4) times already. This desire is really strong for me.

    (2) iPHONE 4 ( This phone started the craze for all things beautiful; who no like betta thing? Forget the antennagate brouhaha. If I get this phone, I will cuddle it so well it would not complain let alone suffer any form of signal attenuation)

    (3)Nokia N900 (Yomi’s initial reviews was responsible for the phone being on this list)

  6. Strictly real smartphones, that u can work with and have fun using…
    1. samsung galaxy s i9000 (android is the future)
    2. motorola droid X (another android device)
    3. apple Iphone4 (just curious)

  7. EyeBeeKay still his usual dreaming self. How do you combine longest battery life with largest screen.

    Well, mine would be:
    1. Motorola Milestone
    2. Dell Streak
    3. Nokia N900.

  8. 1. samsung galaxy s
    2. htc legend (love the unibody design)
    3. iphone 4 (just curious too and has a good resale value so i can ditch it if apple restrictions no go down well with me)

  9. Nokia n8
    Blackberry zoom( just my own made up idea, a bb with a bold 9000 form factor, qwerty and true touch screen with hdmi output
    Htc hd2 ( but with android)

  10. 1. N 8
    2. any phone running android 2.2
    3. N 9 or any meego phone.
    all you people clamoring for N 900 can have mine for 65k. i bought it a month ago for 75k at slot. No defect at all?

  11. Well, here goes nothing…

    1. Samsung B7620 (Armani)
    2. htc touch pro
    3. Samsung B5310 Corby Pro (wish this phone were smart)

  12. Htc Evo 4G
    Iphone 4
    Driod 2
    Am so done with nokia, I will only get nokia if the stop using Symbian or start using an open source OS. Can’t start counting the cons of nokia phones these days.

  13. Wow. I just reviewed all comments and as at Bankole’s post, the top eligible contenders are

    nokia n900 – 12 entries
    iPhone4 – 7 entries
    HTC Desire, Nokia E72 & Samsung i9000 – 4 entries

    Well, here’s my list
    1. Nokia N900
    2 Apple iPhone 4
    3 Samsung i9000
    I’ve become a big fan of!

  14. If i could absolutely buy any 3 phones right now, the top 3 contenders would be:

    Nokia N900
    Blackberry Storm 2
    Nokia N97 (with the lastest firmware)

  15. Feels good to know that a lot of people share my taste. My dream devices would be:-
    1. Nokia n900
    2. Blackberry bold 9700
    3. Htc desire

  16. 1. Samsung Galaxy S. (I may just kill for this!!!!)
    2. The almighty Iphone 4 (The best phone ever made. Forget Antennagate. It was only the media, trying to rake up much-ado-about-nothing!! In everyday usage, people do not complain.
    3. Nokia N8…. Oops, this phone is yet to be released. Please pardon me for another try…
    3. Samsung Wave! I think I got to try Bada!!

  17. 1. HTC Desire
    2. iPhone 4
    3. Galaxy S
    Nokia N8 would have been first if it was released.

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