If we eliminate the cost factor – in other words, the availability or non-availability of funds to buy the phone is not an issue –

What Phone Would You Rather Be Using Now?

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If we eliminate the cost factor – in other words, the availability or non-availability of funds to buy the phone is not an issue – what existing mobile phone would you rather be using now?

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  1. Combining hardware (which will include next-gen specs and optimum sized battery) and software (which will include comfortable simple UI, flexible but secure OS platform for development,etc) , i don’t think there any of the (current) phones on the market that meet my requirements. Maybe the Apple-N-Ominia HD or Apple’s rumoured tablet device ?!

    Most manufacturers have gotten tired of trying to create the perfectly-balanced-smartphone (even though they probably have a very good idea of what it would be) there’s always a (certain) compromise somewhere .. as a result. . they produce phones that have just about ‘ n – 1 ‘ features of what people (really) want – and (then they think) if they make many of these, people get to choose.

    So if you can’t get one perfect phone, why not just split the job to two normal (smart)phones which have its inherited features ?!
    That’s why i so prefer ‘software’ (e.g. App. development), you don’t have to worry too much about the customers gooey-feelings or cut-throat sentiments (e.g. about old last-year specs or missing features) , and there’s far less to compromise besides writing rubbishy lines of code or not following tested best-practice methods.

    Software has the ability to make up for hardware ‘inadequacies’ at times in many cases, though not all.

    And you still need ‘present-day’ (future-proof) hardware to support advanced capabilities of some languages.

    That said, and abit more on-topic, I would go for maybe a Samsung Ominia HD (or an SE Satio) and something with a keyboard – one of Nokia’s new devices, rumoured to be announced at Nokia World (september), perhaps – but since we are talking about what has to be already on the market *grumble* .. . Then an
    SE Satio and a Nokia E72.

  2. Of course, in my case, the SE Satio will be running the Android OS and the Nokia E72 running s60v5 with an emu version of s60v3 FP2 😉

  3. Off-topic: hey Yomi, have you guys thought of giving the Site a little face-lift ? Even if it’s for the aesthetics – it could use one, plus maybe with a abit more added functionality ?

  4. Hello Soul,

    If you would provide us with specific details of what you have in mind, that might help.

    I did this present design, and the overriding factor in mind was (and still is) accessibility and page load speeds. In a country where the majority of internet users have to endure snail-speed connections, fast-loading webpages are very expedient.

    But perhaps we can play around with any suggestions you may have.

    Please use the form here or send email to impact@alireta.com.

    Thanks for the contribution!

  5. Hi Yomi,
    Yeah thanks. Though i don’t have an specific CSS template/concept/style at the moment .i.e. Don’t really have an design in mind. It’s been a while ,just thought the site could use a little ‘redecorating’ and/or add a new function or two .. of course in a way to also consider accessiblity speeds at the same time. – you guys aren’t really thinking of having the same (site-face) look at Christmas (or national holidays) now are you !?
    :hmm: Will let you know when i think of one though !

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