WhatsApp now boasts of 900 million active users

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Users of WhatsApp grows day by day and maybe before the end of this year, they’ll hit 1 billion active users. In January this year, we reported they hit 700 million active users. Fast forward to April, the IM service crossed the 800 million user mark.



Just yesterday, Jan Koum, one of the founders of WhatsApp, in a Facebook post announced that the company has crossed the 900 million mark, Incredible feat!! Going by this rate, we can predict that by December or January 2016, the service may just hit the 1 billion user mark.

Questions are hanging in the air over how the owners plan to monetize the app. Clearly the $1 yearly charge isn’t working and the founding fathers of WhatsApp have insisted on no-ads. Maybe, it will be run as a means for brands to have direct contact with customers – this is the case with MoneyPenny, Facebook’s digital assistant. Time will tell how this pans out.


  1. The luck of the draw has been the most important factor in WhatsApp’s favour,seriously there other Messaging Apps out there better than Whatsapp..Wechat,IMO,Hike,Viber etc some of these have even more options like video calling but unfortunately they have not been able to get the traction needed..

  2. I dont think whasapp got this far cos of features. I think its largely due to simplicity. I hv not tried those ones u mentioned and would like to but as far as im concerned, whatsapp and bbm are really easy to use.

    I wouldnt wanna pay to use whatsapp sha. Lol. They better include ads. I hv no problem wt that

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