How innovation has slowed to a crawl in mobile devices

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A few years back, we talked about the slow down in innovations in the mobile device sector. Now, reality is starring us in the face. Now, what differentiates the Samsung from the TECNO? They have the same OS, and same terrible camera. Under the hood differences are not noticed by the average Joe.

Now, why would I spend hundreds on a Samsung when I can get an Asian brand for a fraction of its cost? I wish we are back in 2010/2011 when the debate was hot and tempers were flaring, and when the Android and Apple fan boys were holding each other by the jugular.


  1. No, I think innovation is still alive and well on the mobile front, and the Koreans and the Chinese are mostly the ones pushing that.

    The differences between specific mobile devices is not what define innovation. The strides in technology, like increasing RAM frontiers, unbelievable batter sizes in slim profiles, finger printing, retina and eardrum sensors.. Those are what define innovation. And they stride on, apace.

  2. Innovations has been on an incremental basis rather than revolutionary over the past few years but certainly not dead,the Galaxy S7 offers much more than the S5 ever did,for instance and I believe as the Smartphone industry matures improving the actual User Experience will be of much more paramount importance than the Specs sheet on offer..

  3. Innovation in mobiles is relative these days. As it is, the operating systems – iOS, Windows Phone and Android – are borrowing little tweaks from each other. Bemusing, but not necessarily a bad thing.

    Bigger battery, fingerprint scanners and retina displays are all well and good, but what I’m interested in is what the OS can do. Not the brand or brand tweaks or bloatware, but OS.

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