Aesthetics and functionality are some of the two parameters used to grade the quality of apps. Aesthetics deals with how, artistic, pleasing, and beautiful an

Which do you prefer: Aesthetics or Functionality ?

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Aesthetics and functionality are some of the two parameters used to grade the quality of apps. Aesthetics deals with how, artistic, pleasing, and beautiful an apps looks, while functionality is all about how effective an app is, in serving its purpose. Most of the time its down to us, the users to decide what rocks our boat. Say for instance, we have two file manager apps. App A and App B.

App A has nice colors ,transition user interface, beautiful icons, intuitive, with it you can perform basic file management tasks, but you can’t mark multiple files on it.

App B doesn’t look so good, Ugly icons, convoluted app menus, Not-so-easy to-use user interface. It performs the basic file management task, including marking of files and other processes.
What will be your choice? An app that looks good, colorful, beautiful transitions and and lacking some basic features, Or a fully functional app, which may have almost all the features you need. But with ugly icons, needing a steep learning curve, dull plain colors, no gestures or transitions.

In a world where everything -apps in particular- including mobile operating systems are geared towards ‘looking good’, which would you prefer?

An software that looks good and lacks some essential features, or a fully functional but ugly looking software.

Choose you this day, where you belong 🙂


  1. I don’t think anyone will choose an app just because its beautiful if it doesn’t do what it says it does. I didn’t download the app just for it to look beautiful, I downloaded it to WORK with.
    However, if you can make your app very functional, then you should also make it beautiful and easy to use… If you know what you’re doing.
    I should really stress that ‘easy-to-use’. For Christ’s sake, you don’t expect me to download a user manual for your app do you?

  2. I wont be completely happy with Both period, A designer and a programmer needs to work together to make a Good looking functioning app not the other way around.

  3. It Is A Difficult Question…Form Or Function.

    Es File Explorer For Android Has Terrific Functions . I Doubt There Is Any Other File Manager That Comes Close To It In Features And Powerits

    But, No Matter How Hard I Try, I Find Myself Sticking To Fx Manager. There Is Something About Its Well_Thought_Out Layout And Looks Of Its Interface That Keep Drawing Me To It.

    Despite All The Power Of Es File Explorer, The Looks And The Unintuitive Interface Keeps Putting Me Off, And I Wouldn’t Use It Unless Whenever Absolutely Necessary.

    Forced To Choose Between Power/Functionality And Looks, Though, I Would Go For Functionality.

    Two Other Apps That Also Computer For Attention For Me On Android Are “Clean Master” And “Sd Maid”.

    In Terms Of Raw Power And Usefulness, I Think Sd Maid Is Better, But The Layout And Beauty Of Clean Master Is Just So Attractive. So, To Keep My Device Clean, I Generally Gravitate Towards Sd Maid…

  4. I will go for balance here. I always place functionality ahead of good looks when a particular threshold for aesthetics has been met.

    I think there’s also issue of personal preference at what ugliness entails sometimes as what some may consider ugly may actually look good to others though we still know there are general consensus as what is considered ugly or convoluted. A simple case in point here will be Symbian.

    Why I think there could be a level of subjectivity here is that instance given by Eye.Bee.Kay above. He regards ES File Explorer as ugly and thinks FX File Manager is aesthetic. I don’t quite agree with him and I think greater number of Android users don’t go with him too. I can’t see how an app that has over 100 million downloads in the Google Play Store could be adjudged as ugly while another that manages less than 5 million is considered beautiful and that’s why I said subjectivity is the case here. Of course, I know that ES File Explorer also uses high resolution icons which may appear small on some devices and things like that don’t go down well with people having some visual impairment and I think that’s another reason Eye.Bee.Kay may be unhappy with ES File Explorer.

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