In my line of work, one of the questions that I get asked the most is, “What is the best smartphone out there now?” The

Which smartphone OS is the most user friendly?

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In my line of work, one of the questions that I get asked the most is, “What is the best smartphone out there now?” The other is something like this one:

Having used Windows, Android & iOS, which OS would you say is the best or most user friendly?

My answer is always premised on the fact that different people have different needs. As such, there is not one device that is best for everybody. In the same way, there is not one OS that is best or the most user friendly for everybody.

I have used every smartphone OS out there till date on hundreds of phones. Personally, I find Windows Phone, BlackBerry 10 and Android easy to use. iOS frustrates me. Meanwhile, I know people who live and swear by iOS and can’t stand Android. It always boils down to personal preference. Don’t let what the majority want push you. You might just find out that what works for them is not what works for you.

What I will say to anyone asking the above question is this: if possible, try out each of the operating systems. Use them a bit and see what impressions you come off with. That way, you can decide which one you find most usable. I wish you well on your mobile journey.


  1. “The taste of the ‘pudding’ they say is in the eating” One cannot actually make an honest conclusion on it except you go thru all.
    If you ask for my personal opinion,i will tell you that it is BB10 but am not being fair because i have not been opportuned to use IOS before.

  2. For me ios is the best in this category follow by bb10,android,window.that my opinion.

  3. Using all I can say IOS is the best followed by blackberry then windows before android

  4. I have experienced BB 10, ios, Windows, and Android. Walahi the ease of use and maneuverability of Android marvels me so much that am addicted to it.

    a stark illiterate can easily use an android. Nd lest we forget the open source nature of Android, the rooting et al stuffs. Forget it, android is the best for me oooooo

  5. a stark illiterate can easily use an android.

    This statement is subjective. In most cases Android is the hardest to learn and use

  6. I concur with you and the “stark illiterate” theory. In my experience, most inexperienced users found iOS the easiest to use. I met only one first time iOS user who really disliked it, and it as because of the then 4″ screen.

    It always comes down to what the person wants to do with the phone and how they would use it. Personally I would have to go with iOS and BB10 – minimum amount of fuss and set up, and they simply work well from the start.

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