Geeks and tech types are usually known for being glued to their gadgets and codes. Lots of ladies claim that Nigerian men are not romantic.

Who Says Being Geeky Cannot Be Romantic?

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Geeks and tech types are usually known for being glued to their gadgets and codes. Lots of ladies claim that Nigerian men are not romantic. Now, imagine if that Nigerian man were to also be a geek. Eeeek!

But not necessarily. If you are a mobile geek, for example, the different mobile platforms and device names can give you some interesting lines for romance – if you dare to get creative. One of the features of romance is paying verbal attention and compliments to your woman. So, shall we examine a few lines that we can pull from the world of mobile?

  • My sweet Jelly Bean
  • My lady Belle
  • The Apple of my i
  • My one and only Tile

I don’t intend to give you a full class, so you have to take it from here and come up with more. Then feel free to let your imagination soar. Imagination is the engine that romance runs on, so don’t hold back on that.

PS: Someone just asked me if I would date a geeky woman. My answer: yes; if she is romantic, sensual and not boring! Yes; I would. No boring geeks for me.

Please note that romance is not just about nice, sweet words, but of course, this is not a romance blog, so let’s just leave this topic within its current sphere.

Over to you? Do you have any more creative, geeky romantic lines to share? If you’re a guy, would you date a geeky woman? If a lady, would you date a geeky man?


  1. if am to date a geeky woman. All i know is she must be a little less geeky than me. We cant be competing lol!

  2. while opposites are said to attract, i think that is only in Physics .

    check it out. the people you gravitate to are similar to you, and have (some) similar interest as you. otherwise, what is the point of the congregation?

    well, i have been married for years. but of of course, I would prefer if my wife is more intetested in one more thing I am intetested in…techie things. That would broaden the areas where we mesh, which is a good thing

    some techie amorous endearments…

  3. Well obviously Eye.Bee.Kay, there was something that attracted you to your wife and vice versa, and I’m sure it wasn’t a common interest in technology! Those other things I’m sure are far more important that a few unshared interests no?

    Technology was my first love which has been replaced, but then I had the time and money to wallow in my passion. I have no idea what people mean by “romantic”, the joke was always that if I was proposed to, he would have to fall on one knee with a Quad Core device in hand. I’d get as excited about it as some women do over diamonds!

  4. @Noni, man and woman. shall not live by phemorones alone.

    my theory is, the more shared interests a cuple share, the better the relationship (ceteris paribus).

    the broader your areas of knowledge and interests , the more interesting you are likely to be as a human.

    I agree entirely with that book by Kim Woo Choong ( by former DaeWoo Corporation Chairman) – Every road is paved with gold) – that advocates that while DEPTH of knowledge / specialization is good, the BREADTH. and DIVERSITY is also important.

  5. Before I started dating, I always maintained that my future girl(s) must love computers like me, and be tech-loving.

    Since then, all the ladies I’ve been very close too, have not been tech-loving. One of them wasn’t even on facebook! I’ve come to appreciate the “opposites attract” philosophy. It helps to keep a relationship balanced.

    Still, one can fantasize, right? We all need our fantasies as something one should aim and strive for.

    So (as Michael Bolton plays in the background *when a neeeeeerd, loves a geekchick*) I get down on one knee here, and present my lovely N9 to this awesome geek chick (a member of Mobility family, an enthusiastic twitter user, lover of smartphones and computers and technology), and ask her to be my geek-mate…

    ***don’t ask me for her name***

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