Recently at a Blackberry developer event, RIM (Research In Motion) gave out prototype devices to around 2,000 attendees to demo the new Blackberry 10 user interface. The

Why Blackberry 10 may be a hit

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Blackberry 10 prototype device

Recently at a Blackberry developer event, RIM (Research In Motion) gave out prototype devices to around 2,000 attendees to demo the new Blackberry 10 user interface. The interface is a huge departure from what we are accustomed to getting on Blackberry and it has a lot of gesture integration that was really smooth and nice.

That Blackberry usage in America and Canada is dwindling is no more news. What is news is the fact that it is doing well in Africa and Asia. RIM have not quite been able to respond to the iPhone and subsequently Android for whatever reasons.

The prototype given out is a 4.2 inch device with a screen resolution of 1280×768 that utilizes a full touch screen display that departs from the trademark QWERTY keyboard that comes with most Blackberries. There have been outcries from certain quarters about the lack of a physical keyboard by certain Blackberry users but RIM has promised that they will produce BB10 devices with a physical keyboard.

If RIM can get it right with Blackberry 10, they will be able to position themselves as competitors to Android and iOS in America and Europe while adding more users in continents like Africa and Asia/Middle East where they are dominant at the moment.

It is not clear whether the first wave of BB10 devices will be full touch devices, but if RIM are able to make the transition without alienating their loyal fanbase (and so far, it looks so), they should very well be on their way to a comeback.


  1. They really should stick to qwerty.. what really annoys me is how much they stole from othercompanies OSes. N9’s ui especially

  2. Nice post! However, it could be improved with more content ..
    Was expecting to see an indepth analysis of the features of blackberry 10, how they stack up/surpass against iphone and android features, pricepoint indicators, implications for developers, .. And general statistics that support the authors points on user adoption.
    Once again, nice read.

  3. Yeah. Gotta support Vykthur. And I Need to ask why you think BB 10 may be a hit? Blackberry 10 has to match Android and iOS in useability and acceptability to even first of all, to have a fighting chance. Let’s not be too overtly optimistic considering the moribund state that RIM is now. It is an uphill task to say the list. But it is not insurmountable though. It is a good thing that RIM has given prototypes of the OS in its present Beta stage to Developers to start developing or porting apps to BB 10 before it finally launches. However, what matters most is if Developers would also reciprocate this good gesture by supporting BB10 by churning out apps in the thousands.

    What can invariably kill any OS Is the availability of 3rd part apps!

    Let’s see what the future holds for RIM and Blackberry. My opinion is that it is still too close to call and too early. Whether the world is ready for three or four mobile OS platform Ecosystem, we have until the end of this year to find out!

  4. Being a hit doesn’t mean blackberry 10 will sell as much as android or ios. All they need is an improvement in sales ESP for regions where they are doing badly presently. If pre bb10 they sell 1mm/year units in the US, and post bb10 they sell over 300%, that is worth celebrating for RIM.
    I am not a RIM fan, but I am also optimistic about the bb10. They have done a lot of work on the os, making it smoother and able to run heavy programs. Just as Microsoft went to reinvent their mobile os.

  5. I dont know but i have real hope for RIM,cos unlike nokia ,RIM revamped its Os and seems ready to stick to it while nokia revamped its Maemo Os into meego which even BB10 is said to be copying but alas! Dumped it for Windows phone Os which its billion customer are not ready to accept and now buying into other OSes.i think RIM is well on the right track to please it loyalist aspeacially here in nigeria where the non Geeks sees BB as a superphone.So with this upgrade it will surely make its fans and others who need something new to buy in.

  6. I think RIM is well on the right path for revamping it Os to BB10 and getting set to stick to it ,unlike Nokia who revamped it Maemo Os to Meego with a grand ovation from even its hatched enemies but dumped it to pursue windows phone Os which is not popular with its fans.I think the upgrade shall be great to RIM’s loyalists aspeacially here in nigeria where the non Geeks sees BB as a superphone.It could also appeal to those pple who need something new.

  7. I’m really rooting for RIM but they need to make the price for their device competitive. No point selling a $500 phone with 8GB of memory when I can get the same if not better on another OS. I think a few, strategically targetted devices can do it for RIM, but they really need to get it right this time.

    Also please, I’m begging them, put a decent camera on the thing! 5 megapixels is very 2009 for your top-end device.

  8. First I must say I respect what RIM is doing and I personally think its better than what Nokia did.

    I was quite suppressed with BB10 and blown away by the camera app, keyboard and multitasking.

    I cant wait till Oct/November 2012 to see the final hardware and software.

  9. I don’t think RIM’s new devices, the only way to go from here is down, Blackberry would eventually become niche devices. Android is gonna eventually steal their lunch if the networks wake up and offer better priced data plans

  10. Ha ha martinkem, its not that bad for RIM. RIM’s road map is better than that adopted by Nokia. I see them with increasing market share.

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