Why did MTN lose 470, 000 subscribers in South Africa?

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Why did MTN lose 470, 000 subscribers in South Africa in the first quarter of 2013? That is a question that many would love to have answers to. I am very curious about this and certainly would love to know too.

In an IT News Africa report, the South African-based mobile phone provider MTN was said as having “recorded 470, 000 net disconnections” in the just ended quarter. The report does include that In Nigeria, MTN recorded “net additions of 3.9 million”. The Y’hello boys are certainly doing fine here in God’s own country. Many observers are however of the opinion that MTN Nigeria is set to become the greatest loser in the mobile number portability war. Of course, we shall have to wait to see how things pan out. If popular sentiments are proven right, then we shall be reading of net disconnections from MTN here too in Nigeria.

In the meantime, can anyone help with information as to why MTN lost almost half a million subscribers in South Africa in the last three months?


  1. MTN needs to lose some customers, they have so much and they are finding it hard to serve their customers.
    If you call MTN customer care and it goes thru, you certainly have used JUJU.

  2. Abeg lets hear word jare. Nigerians so so complain,no action,heavy grammar,no effect. MTN Nigerian will suffer no significant subscriber loss.

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