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I have tried. I know 2Go is popular and I am happy about that success. I have tried. I even once went as far as opening an account so as to give it a spin. It was a painful, torturous experience. Yes; the experience of opening the account and of using the service. I gave up using it after about 20 minutes of signing in. That was millennia ago.

Today, I thought to give it another spin. Afterall, things might have changed since the last time. So I downloaded the Android app for 2Go and launched it. What was presented to me was the very same reason why I couldn’t use it before, and why I will not bother again. Here is that very reason:


See that user interface? I have no words to describe it. I am happy for those of you who use 2Go everyday, same way I am happy for those of you who reside in Abule Egba but work at Victoria Island everyday. More blessings to your hustle.


  1. Wow, u are missing d excitement of chatting on 2go. U can even incorporate ur facebook and gtalk accounts into 2go. Join 2day!

  2. 2go is actually crap, to be fair. The UI is absolute rubbish. But for someone who does not know better, he will sing its praise to high heavens. Same with the person whose messaging contacts are majorly on it. I’ve used 2go before I migrated to BBM and WhatsApp, it’s a pain coming back to it

  3. I share the same frustrating experience, exactly as Mr. Mo portrayed above. I couldn’t go beyond the log-in page. I created new accounts to no avail. I entered and re-entered log-in details severally and hit a brick wall every time. I gave it up. Something is wrong with 2Go somewhere.

  4. Well seems someone shares the same issues I have with 2go. 2go clearly doesn’t work for people using touchscreen devices, i used it without issues on my old E71 but transitioning fully to a touchscreen device it was a hellish experience after 2 weeks of trying to cope with it, I had to delete the app and forget about the social network that I have been using since 2010 (thank God for Whatsapp and Facebook)

  5. Tried to use 2go during my service year cos that’s what most other corpers used but I just couldn’t. Even on blackberry, the app sucks!.

  6. Yep, 2go is the worst! Apart from the UI,it has some of the most immature minds patronising it.

  7. You Killed Me with this line ..LMAO –> “I am happy for those of you who use 2Go everyday, same way I am happy for those of you who reside in Abule Egba but work at Victoria Island everyday. More blessings to your hustle.”

  8. Mr. Mo has got me LMHO! 2go UI is truly not a sight for sore eyes…definitely made for feature phones.

  9. I dont get it? Why the beef? Imagine someone here saying 2go is filled with immature minds? What of bbm where majority of girls who use it are ladies of the night? 2go i a social platform that has one major function which is to socialize. How many people remember yahoo chat rooms where people made friends from all over the world? Unfortunately yahoo has shut it down cause most pips just dont want to broaden their friendship base. Mr Mo if you have trouble logging into 2go how come people who use tecno n3 and p3 have no such problems? To the rest of you all, 2go is not about U.I but about CHATTING. Very soon all the immature minds that are on 2go will soon join you all on bbm.

  10. Nobody here was endorsing BBM over 2go, I made a comment about how most of the people I’ve encountered on the platform are immature, “Most”.

  11. Guys!! There’s a new version of 2go available on Google Play store. With fresh UI and very functional. A trial might change your mind. Go check it out.

  12. @Elroy
    thanks for the heads up. just downloaded it and it looks great even has push notifications + plus touch friendly and swipeable

  13. I have never used 2go and wouldn’t use it even under pain of death,but all of you criticizing 2go should know that it was chiefly designed for very low end phones inasmuch as the device has WAP connectivity. A dominant majority of 2go users use these devices and are comfortable with it.

  14. Yeah, I downloaded the latest version of 2Go yesterday and it is quite different from the former versions that I tried. This one definitely looks and feels like a proper Android application unlike the previous ones that look and preform as though they were designed for non-touchscreen feature phones.

    This latest version is a huge improvement on the previous versions and I think they are beginning to take the Android platform serious.

  15. Excellent speech…2go is mainly for sociable minds…If You maintain ur point of not ever gon’na join 2go…I think you should deal with that personally cos If u think 2go is a dum app…why dont you create your own app ?

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