Today is the birthday of my number one side chick, le lover, who happens to be my wife’s best friend since her secondary school days.

Why I suddenly want the BlackBerry Q10

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BlackBerry Q10

Today is the birthday of my number one side chick, le lover, who happens to be my wife’s best friend since her secondary school days. I know that some of you are trying to digest what sort of arrangement that is. Good luck to you. But the catch is that it is in wife’s best interests that she accommodates our love relationship. We are probably (hopefully) the two most important people in her life (yes; hopefully). Why would she wanna face off against us both? See? Anyway, this blog post is not about that. Like I said, today is le lover’s birthday, and wife came into the room chatting tapping away on her BlackBerry. She announced to me that she was chatting with my sweetheart and I responded asking her to say Hi for me. One thing led to the other, and wife handed me her BlackBerry so I could take the conversation to the next level without an intermediary.

Don’t ask me about what le lover and I exchanged. It isn’t your business. Your business is how this suddenly made me want a Blackberry Q10. It is simple, really – that superb hardware QWERTY! Typing a few messages on wife’s BlackBerry felt so good – I mean soooo good – that I immediately began to long for a hardware QWERTY keyboard again. Actually, it woke up my love for BlackBerry again. Of course, if I am getting a BlackBerry, there is no point getting anything other than an OS 10 device. There are only two OS 10 smartphones in existence, the touchscreen Z10 and the hardware QWERTY equipped Q10. You know my choice. QWERTY all the way!!!!! Nothing beats a hardware QWERTY keyboard. Nothing.

So, here I am longing for a BlackBerry Q10, but my broke ass self is looking at that price tag and wondering what BlackBerry was thinking. I want a BlackBerry Q10, but that’s just as well. After all, I also want a nuclear submarine, a mansion in Beverly Hills, and a Swiss Bank account. If I can’t have any of these or the BlackBerry Q10, at least I still have the wife and le lover who triggered off this sudden silly desire. Thank you.


  1. iHmmm.

    Me, I don’t.know how these amorous things work,.but I once had a married woman tell me that her best, and her husband.knows him, and does not mind!.

    it is a strange world indeed.

    yes, QWERTY is cool. but.not.hardware !. touch-screen.

    matter of fact, I have given.swiping a rest, and have. now become a tapper. on touchscreen.

    And loving it.too.

    in this era of 6mm thin phones, how would a hardware QWERTY fit into the thin culture?

    Being cadaverous_thin has its allure, and a hardware keyboard is just soooo ooooold_school, and repulsively repugnant.

  2. I am sure this is not P!, but i hope you wont be complaining of the continuous lagging of the blackberry that is if there’s any. I also know that you are not a blackberry fan boy. Anyway kindly send our regard to le lover and le wife…..

    Signed: le Lammy

  3. well…you have a le lover and the wife why complicate your life any further?

  4. As to what they were thinking price wise, answer is $$$. No one else makes high end phones with physical keyboards (No one else makes good keyboards to be honest)…so they have a product and demand so they are milking it.

    The Q5 would be cheaper…and out in a month or 2. Wont be the exact same keyboard, but it’ll do for most.

  5. I was all set to buy the Q10 this week, before Blackberry shocked me last week with the intention to port BBm to android and iOS.

    I thought, what’s the point of paying more than 450 pounds for the Q10, when I can wait 2 months and get a BBM on a cheaper droid with QWERTY too?

    Still, I’m sad. I was really looking forward to playing with the Q10. 🙁

  6. Personally I love Qwerty hardware devices, nothing beats good old tactile feedback, and blackberry knows how to make keypads and for me that’s one of their very few selling points, it’s the same reason I still use a BB, if I was going to change my phone now it’ll have to be cheap so we’re talking android, and in my opinion, if you want android just get full touch, that’s what it was made for, I don’t know of any “good” android devices equiped with hardware qwerty keypads.

  7. Blackberry is still good, nothing beats d good and reliable qwerty keys. Very soon android will be a flash in d pan after samsung must have embraced tizen and LG and others port to Firefox OS.

  8. Nice one. I remember some weeks back when the Z10 was launched, I couldn’t hide my excitement and I got one ASAP. After a week, I was really disappointed. I thought the apps situation wasn’t going to be a big deal….well, it turned out to be bigger than I thought. Fast forward to now, after upgrading to the latest OS version, I installed Skype and my disappointment tripled.
    If the Z10 is the same as the Q10 sans physical keyboard, then I also see another disaster. I like physical keyboards too but that alone can not keep me.

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