I’ve been a Nokia user right from my first phone. It was no surprise that my first smartphone was a Nokia Symbian device. In short

Why Nokia, why?

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Nokia 808 PureView

I’ve been a Nokia user right from my first phone. It was no surprise that my first smartphone was a Nokia Symbian device. In short (and long) i was a devoted fan.

When I wanted to upgrade, the options then were the N8 and the E7, which was recently announced. But then Android also had a lot of eye-catching, feature-filled phones. It had only just overtaken Symbian as the number one smartphone OS.

So I bided my time to see how the OS wars played out. In the meantime, I flashed my then ageing 5230 with several modified roms from the Dailymobile forums.

I finally made the move and got a Samsung Galaxy S, which I have been using ever since.

However, Nokia’s recent announcement of the 808 Pureview running Symbian Belle OS with a 41MP camera sensor got me wowed.

See, I personally vowed to myself that I wasn’t going to use anything that smelled Symbian again because being the power user that I am, Symbian did not give me the amount of “tweakability” that I wanted so using an Android phone for me was a match made in heaven.

But I am currently in a dilemma cause inasmuch as I vowed that I wasn’t going to get a Symbian/Belle/Carla device, this phone might just make me change my mind after all.


1. The camera

2. The camera

3. I’d say that i love the OS but sadly that would be a lie so yes the camera .

I just might be buying into this dying platform for the last time, or what do you think?


  1. I have used just 6 phones in 8 years. All of them Nokia. I hope to make this phone a successor to my (now aging) C6-00. Sticking with them till they r no longer available to buy.

  2. great words, Emma. The most important thing to note about the 808 is the camera. Belle is still Belle. Though the UI & UX of Belle is extraordinary when compared with previous Symbian Editions; they are still playing catch up when iOS and Android are comcerned. Only if Nokia had released the Pureview 808 with Symbian Carla then it would have been a refreshing addition to their line-up. There would’ve been anticipation, intrigue and suspence.

    A camera does not make a phone. A smartphone is made from the hardware itself, software and OS platform ecosystem. The Camera is just one of the various variables that will allow me decide on my next phone.

    It is just like Apple releasing the iPhone 4S on their iOS 4.0 OS. It wouldn’t have been so compelling dispite SIRI! But with version 5, it really appears ‘new’ and a refresh. If the next iphone comes up, we will see iOS 6.0.

    Nokia, get us Carla! Belle is now stale?

  3. Bayoabu, you are not up-to-date. Nokia Belle FP1 which is what the 808 runs, is what used to be called Carla.

    Belle is the new OS now. Symbian is dead. See my latest article by that title.

  4. As much as I will like to commend nokia for a job we done on belle, it still not an attraction for the larger iOS or Android users. It can only wow symbian fans.

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