Will this poor man’s iPhone arrive in 2015?

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Phone Arena reports unconfirmed information that a poor man’s iPhone might be on the way to emerging markets, mentioning China and India. Who says it isn’t to be expected in Nigeria and Kenya too? That is, if the report is true.

iphone 5s

More specifically, we are looking at an 8 GB model of the iPhone 5s, according to the report.

If the report is true, then it means that Apple realises too that the bottom of the pyramid cannot completely be ignored. How much cheaper an iPhone 5s 8 GB will cost is another matter entirely. We must not forget that the “budget” 5c was a sales disaster.

What do you think? How well do you think such a device will sell in emerging markets?


  1. With Apple the term cheap is a relativity issue,maybe #120k to them will be considered cheap if the IPhone 5c is any indication..

  2. Really, they shouldn’t bother. Cheap with iphone is moderate with samsung, and really underspec’d compared to similar offerings.

    I think it’s even an insult to want to direct those phones to developing markets. There are enough phone makers dominating. They wouldn’t need a 3 year old phone to be resold just because it comes with a cheap badge.

  3. One IOS enforced major update and your 8GB is done for,seriously how much would it have cost Apple to make this a 16th ROM phone,compared to what they will be charging for it..

  4. I’ve said it before, the 16GB and 8GB iPhones aren’t designed for app junkies, but they’re still selling which is why Apple still produces and releases them.

    Personally I think an 8GB iPhone is for a granny who makes mostly calls, might use the map and take a few pics of the grandchildren.

    I never believe these rumours when it comes to a budget iPhone anyway. While the tech media were convinced 2 years ago that a budget iPhone was in the offing, all we got was a plastic bodied 5C that couldn’t compare to the previous 5 that cost – in my opinion – way too much. Let an official release come out, and let’s see what the real pricing will be. Even at 8GB I’m sure they’ll find a market.

  5. Don’t be surprised. They may not find a market. Just like they didn’t find a market for 5c. Unless you think there was/is a market for that 5c model anyway.

  6. Oh but there was a market for the 5C and many people actually bought them.

    Apple have always – until the release the iPhone 6 – had 8GB devices floating around. For now, let’s wait for an official announcement instead of speculating.

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