We have set out to find out the best rated smartphone brand in Nigeria by smartphone users. We are also throwing in 1GB data each

Win big in this poll to find the best smartphone brand in Nigeria

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We have set out to find out the best rated smartphone brand in Nigeria by smartphone users. We are also throwing in 1GB data each for three (3) lucky participants, so do participate and tell your friends too. Here are the rules:

  1. use the comment box below to participate
  2. you are allowed only one answer per participant: state the name of the manufacturer and tell us why you think it is the best smartphone brand in Nigeria
  3. be sure to include your real email address, as that is how we will reach you should you be picked as one of the winners
  4. the three winners will be selected in a lucky draw of all participants
  5. we will activate each winner’s 1GB data on their mobile line (on any one of the four GSM networks). Where we are unable to activate the data remotely, we shall credit a winner’s line with the airtime value for the data
  6. this poll will be closed at 5pm, Thursday 16th July, 2015.
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  1. I think samsung is the best phone brand in Nigeria because of The Quality of their Devices,After sales support,Timely device Updates,Brand beauty and Recognition.Their phones might be more expensive than other brands But ehh Quality comes at a price

  2. I pick TECNO. This brand sure made a lot of people jump on the Android bandwagon when it seemed the Blackberry brand was getting awfully boring and the big boys (Samsung, HTC, LG, etc) were beyond the reach of many. This coupled with the fact that after sales through Carlcare became very affordable.

  3. Tecno-is the most popular brand in Nigeria for now and their phones covers from entry level to premium range,i.e they have phones for almost anyone who wants to buy depending on his/her pocket.

  4. I believe it is Infinix. One reason is because, apart from producing quality devices at cheap prices (Zero, Hot, Hot Note), they also have good after-sales support through, not just CarlCare, but the Infinix forums at bbs.infinixmobility.com.
    They also have mastered the art of advertising (especially on Facebook) and hyping product launches.

  5. The best smartphone brand in Nigeria? I’ll go for Infinix.

    Though they are relatively new, they seem to have taken the market by storm. I consider it the best because:

    1. Affordability
    2. Specs. Most infinix phones pack premium specs for low and medium range devices. One major spec for me is the app storage memory. Whereas most tecno phones are limited, infinix allows you maximize storage space.
    3. Market penetration. Infinix seems to have gained traction in Nigeria more than Tecno that preceeded it.
    4. After sales service is superb. I can testify personally.

    Tecno used to be popular, but infinix rocks better and is the current champ now.

  6. I have to go for gionee cos I believe they have the interest of Africa at heart for they make phones which solve a lot of Africa-only problem such as battery, and they are innovators with a lot of firsts. and their phone are durable and sturdy

  7. APPLE IPHONE….I pick the Iphone because they don’t compromise on quality and technology. when you buy an apple product you always enjoy the latest and best technology… with good quality to go along with it.

  8. The best brand in Nigeria is Infinix.
    These are my reasons
    1. Cost: most Infinix phones are affordable from the Hot series to the zero series and they offer value for money.

    2. Specifications: while not perfect, they try to improve on the next product. This is seen in the difference between Infinix zero one and Infinix zero 2.

    3. After sales services: provision of a working after sales services is a nice turn around from other brands who have after sales services on paper only.

    4. Marketing and promotion: this has helped in the sales of more Infinix phones than ever. The use of online shopping platforms such as Konga.com and jumia.com.ng to launch infinix phones has also helped in the phone market penetration.

    I hope I have been able to convince you and not confuse you that the best phone brand in Nigeria is Infinix.


  9. Best Brand for me is SamSung …
    Reasons include but not limited to :
    1. Cost ..While cost may vary based on models, Samsung offers you a ride range of phone models to choose putting into consideration your wallet size .. It also gives you options to suit your needs

    2. Specifications : All Samsung phones with the right specifications per model of phone you wish to choose from, while some modes have similar specs. It differs from one another with that little added extra touch to each unique model .

    3. Speed : I choose my phones based on speed and Samsung has offered that in different models unlike BlackBerry phones …

    4. After sales Service : Samsung is one brand that offers specialized after sals service all over Nigeria with qualified hands to assist customers in times of need …
    Also Samsung hasa good marketing and promotion drive that gives them an edge of competitors, with endorsements from well known Nigerian stars at large . .

    Thank you …

  10. Am a gionee fan but i will go for tecno. Being that it is the phone with the highest penetration in Nigeria because of price. Most Nigerians may not afford to have used more than one brand and so people can only judge by what they have used. Tecno is it., not because of quality or specs but because of affordability and reach

  11. Samsung is the best.

    There’s something for everybody, you don’t have to break the bank to purchase a samsung device.

    A lot of their mid-lower end devices actually have some high end specs.

    They make dual sim variants of most of their phones which is a great plus because you have the opportunity to choose what serves your needs better.

    Technical support and parts replacement/maintenance is very available and often affordable.

    Updates are readily available.

  12. It has to be Samsung hands down!

    They keep upping the ante- just gets better and better.

    There’s something for everyone- affordability cuts across all economic classes.

    The phone does “EVERYTHING ”

    Design wise you never get bored – unlike HTC ????

    Used to think I was a phone junkie until I discovered Samsung. I owned more then 7 types of BlackBerry, uncountable Nokia, one or two LG, one Sony Ericsson, one alcatel, and one infinix.

    track record: have never used a phone for 6 months. When I discovered Samsung: I became a brand monogamist. And I love it!

  13. In Nigeria for me, Samsung has proved itself to be a super brand. When it comes to the Android OS, they have shown exceptional skill and knowledge of the OS in the way they customize the devices as well as the hardware. With super powered devices like the Samsung Galaxy S3, Note 3, Samsung Galaxy S4 and the more recent Samsung Galaxy S5, S6 and S6 EDGE…they have shown the ability to make quality devices that people buy not minding the cost.

  14. I’ll go with Samsung,there’s something for everyone and they don’t compromise on quality,timely updates for their higher end phones is also a boon for their customers..

  15. I pick INFINIX, Here are my reasons:

    1.They produce affordable phones that does not compromise on quality.

    2.Presence of excellent after-sales services.

    3.SPECS:There is a thing i like about Infinix,they dont lie about the specs of their phones, and that is suprising because almost all new manufacturers lie about specs just to a piece of the market share.

  16. Most definitely Infinix. They keep churning out devices with high end specs at affordable prices beating all others hands down.

  17. I will give it to infinix having gained the hearts of average Nigerians with their affordable specs packed efficient mobile phones. For now if you need a very good alternative to those high ups like samsu g etc that can deliver any day,go for infinix.

  18. Samsung
    When it comes to “best rated” infinix, gionee , techno etc users will readily swap their phones for Samsung. Affordability has helped these other brands but Samsung supersedes them all with quality.

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