Microsoft has sent out technical preview units of Windows Phone 7 to selected tech writers. The hardware is a Samsung Taylor SGH-i707 with 480 x

Windows Phone 7 technical preview scores high marks

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Microsoft has sent out technical preview units of Windows Phone 7 to selected tech writers. The hardware is a Samsung Taylor SGH-i707 with 480 x 320 (HVGA), a 5MP camera, speakers plus microphone on the top and bottom for both and a dedicated camera button.

Matt Miller of ZDNet got one of those devices. He starts off his preview with this:

Welcome back into the smartphone arena Microsoft, it looks like you have a serious challenger entering the ring and I will definitely be purchasing a device as soon as I can. I spent an hour with the Windows Phone 7 team and was then given a Samsung developer phone (looks to be something like the i8910 Omnia HD device) with the latest Windows Phone 7 Technical Preview to use for about 3 weeks.


The user interface and experience on the old Windows Mobile has been the greatest weakness of that platform. Matt has these to say of the user interface:

There is swiping and panning, elements that flip in and out and zoom in and out dynamically, and motion control that is more fluid than ANY smartphone user interface I have ever used before.


The user interface is completely different than any other smartphone operating system and is a nice, refreshing change. It helps that this current Technical Preview of WP7 flies with fluid animations, switching between tasks, and diving into hubs and apps. I understand that multitasking like we saw in Windows Mobile 6.5 is not supported, but honestly I never even noticed since the Zune part plays fine in the background, email still gets pushed to my device when doing other things, and with the lack of 3rd party apps I never missed multitasking. When the 3rd party application market takes off then the lack of multitasking may be a problem, but at this time I am not concerned with it since the operating system is designed for helping you complete tasks and is not focused on distinct application experiences.

Missing Features

Still, its not all good on all fronts. Matt points out the following cons of Windowsphone 7:

  • Lack of Twitter service support or 3rd party app
  • Lack of USB drive mode or other method to transfer Office docs
  • No landscape support for Office documents
  • Lack of ability to search your Exchange email server for email
  • No copy and paste
  • No multi-tasking of apps

Read Matt Miller’s Microsoft Windows Phone 7 technical preview: A definitive guide for a full glimpse of what to expect from Windowsphone 7.

You can also read a recap of Windows Phone 7 Technical Previews from other tech writers over at WM Experts.

Credit: Image from WMExperts.


  1. Gone are the days when a phone with just color screen will entice people, nowadays people basically want phones that are powerful enough to replace laptop ON THE GO.

    Third party multitasking is too important, hopefully they will change there minds.

    Looking forward to see the first Windows Phone 7.

  2. Good job microsoft! But you have to do better than that for us in Naija, because symbian/maemo has already brought us closer to ‘PC like functionality’ and we cant be moved by any mediocre multitasking offered by android,iOS,bada etc Yes,fluid interface is good,but,we want to be able to do so many things at the same time with our phones. Anyway,just finish and lets see.But beware of antenna…..

  3. I read the full length review of the windows phone 7 prototype on Engadget online. The review was okay but there are shortcomings in several areas. I would list them here, hoping that Microsoft would read this column and possibly effect the areas of critique before the final version is launched.

    1. No silverlight or flash in the browser. Considering silverlight is Microsoft’s propriety product, it shold have integrated it to Win P 7.

    2. No way to watch Youtube videos. Even the iphone with its total abhorrence for flash, still has a youtube app pre-installed right from the box.

    3. No native support of the browser for HTML5. A short coming, seeing there is no flash or silverlight support.

    4. No multi-tasking for third party apps. I hope they change this!

    5. No copy and paste.

    TO crown everything up, I was impressed by the new UI of the WP7.
    But I beg Microsoft to do the math here. There is nothing better than to own a windows phone that is properly equipped at all sides.

    BEcause, I use a windows laptop! And syncing with another windows device should have been the icing of the cake.

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