I have been playing with the HTC HD 7 running Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) for about a week now. I am not ready to write

Windows Phone Mango impressions

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I have been playing with the HTC HD 7 running Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) for about a week now. I am not ready to write any conclusions, but for those of you who are salivating, here are some of my impressions of Mango.

IMG 1517

Improved Live Tiles
The Live Tiles on the homescreen have been improved. They present more information, e.g. how many new mails you have waiting and your upcoming appointments.

Multi-tasking on WindowsPhone Mango is a mixed bag for now. The way multi-tasking works on Mango is that when you move away from an app, that app is paused in the background. No problem. But when you return to it (prress and hold the back button for a list of running apps), the apps seem to take time waking up from sleep.

IMG 1518

This is especially noticeable with apps that require an internet connection .e.g IM apps. You see a white screen displaying “Resuming…” for a few seconds (depending on the strength of your internet connection) before its ready for you to use.

Personally, I find that annooying. Call me spoilt, but having experienced multi-tasking on Symbian, Maemo and Android devices, this is so old school.

Social networking Integration
This is really cool. From the same thread, you can switch between text, Facebook chat and Windows Live Messenger.

You can also post updates to Twitter, Facebook, live and LinkedIn at the same time, and read your timelines from all of them on one screen. You can also choose to post to only one, or two – any number of them that you so choose.

Social networking is also integrated into your Contacts menu, such that you can view a particular person’s latest activities with one or two horizontal swipes.

Email Conversations
Conversations has now arrived on Mango. You are presented with a thread of your exchanges with each contact, making it easy to keep track of discussions and negotiations. Just like in Gmail.

Web Browser
Internet Explorer 9 Mobile has been improved in terms of speed pperformance and HTML 5 support. IE9 Mobile now scores 141 and 5 Bonus Points on the W3C HTML5 Test. The previous score from WP7 was 15 and no Bonus Points.

By comparison, the Android 2.3 browser scores 177 +1.

In real life, the browser has been a joy to use, with no major issues. As for Flash support, if you need that, please move on; its not here.

There are lots more tiny improvements in Windows Phone Mango. Most of them are not so obvious, but they make it an enjoyable OS. The user interface remains the most elegant that I have seen till date (that may change tomorrow when I get to play with the N9).

Mango floats my boat, but the multitasking niggle mentioned above grates on my nerves and leaves me wanting something better.

If you have any specifics that you want me to try out and comment on, please ask using the comments box below.


  1. is the IM client mango compliant, I have seen tons of apps on wmpoweruser that are being rewritten to comply with the apis for mango that support push notifications for multitasking apps

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