Nokia West Africa recently ran a promo that offered a free Nokia E7 to our readers here on Mobility Nigeria. Malik I. O.‘s story was

Winner of the Nokia E7 Promo run on the Mobility Nigeria website

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Nokia West Africa recently ran a promo that offered a free Nokia E7 to our readers here on Mobility Nigeria.

Malik I. O.‘s story was selected as the Prize Winner, and an email was sent to the address he left his comment with. However, Nokia is yet to hear from him. We are yet to hear from him either.

Here’s his story:

As a medical student in the University Of Ilorin in Ilorin, Kwara State, a place where life seems its like in slow motion, its hard to stand up against people who are used to the old ways. I have always been very imaginative but being in a place like this, people tend to discourage creativity.

Recently i was picked to present a seminar on malabsorption diseases( i don’t want to get into the details). Luckily for me it was an individual presentation so there were no hold backs. Immediately, different ideas started popping into my head.

With an active data plan i first looked for videos on YouTube using the built in YouTube app. luckily i found one about two minutes long and it was a CGI video (looks real like 3D). I started to outline my presentation using Quick office application which was updated to support .pptx files. When i got home i transferred the saved PowerPoint to my computer for full hands-on work. I downloaded and inserted the video (it was a video on basics of Digestion processes).

After completing the PowerPoint all that was left was rehearsing it. I thought to myself this was the best time to use an application i had downloaded a long time ago. I searched for the application in my computer and reinstalled the Nokia Wireless Presenter. I had then installed the Desktop client so all was good to go. Finally i was going to put this baby to use.

The D-day finally came. Other people made their presentation standing in front of their laptops, staring at the screen and pressing persistently on the arrow keys till they were done. Almost everyone was already bored staring at the projected slides by the time it was my turn. I stepped on the stage with my phone in my hand. I had already connected the phone with the laptop using Nokia Wireless Presenter through Bluetooth. I left the podium and moved across to the other side. Everyone looked at me like ‘Aren’t you supposed to be in front of your computer?’ I started my presentation by just clicking on the 5-way button. There was a look of amazement on everyone’s face.

As i continued my presentation everyone started smiling. When i got to the video people just started clapping. I felt so good. I even paused the video while the supervisor took a call on his phone and continued from where I had stopped when he ended his call. Everyone was amazed. I could say without any fear of being boastful that my presentation was the highlight of the seminar. The supervisor even asked me for a copy of the slide as well as the video itself. For my work i got a B-plus (which is very hard to come by in med. school here)
Looking back now I realise that everything that sparkled the audience – researching the topics, finding the video, remote controlling the slides from across the room- was all made possible with my Nokia E63. Well what can i say? In the hands of a creative and imaginative mind, one can really do lots of cool things with a Nokia Phone.

Malik, please get in touch with Nokia’s Communications Manager on 07064186685 to arrange to pick up your prize. And after you have done that, please do take the time to comment here acknowledging receipt of your E7.

We want to thank everyone who participated. Several stories stood out, but of course only one was bound to get picked.

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  1. hi. i cant believe i am the winner. i have checked my mail but havent seen any mails yet. i have also tried calling the number but its switched off. pls can you post an active number. thanks you mobilitynigeria thank you nokia. woo hooo

  2. There are stories and there are stories.

    I like the way everything rhymes and for the fullfillment of a single objective.

    Malik I. O congrats

  3. Looks like the Medical Doctors are really shining on this blog! (First, AFewGoodMen, DeolaDoctor. Now- Malik)

    Congrats, Doctor Malik. I clearly remember that story of yours
    (*** needs to be exorcised of the green-eyed monster right now **)

  4. Congratulations Malik.

    I am exceedingly happy to see you win this competition. When I read your submission, I knew it was a winner. I actually wanted to comment on it then but since it was a submission for a competition, I kept my mouth shut.

    Now I can shout out loud, not just for the quality of the entry, but also for the fact that you Malik, is a product of the same institution that begat me. I am a pioneer graduate of University of Ilorin Medical School.

    I am so tall and beating my chest right now. Yeah! King Kong style….

  5. Hello guys, its me again. i have finally recieved my nokia E-7 from the nokia office in lagos. i must say it feels really great to be appreciated and also rewarded for something i really love doing. thanks to everyone for their support. thank you mobility nigeria and nokia.

  6. Congrats Malik. The erudite Deoladoctor seems proud of you for sharing same alma mater. It’s nice seeing you won the coveted price. And it is also a plus for Nokia.

    Thank you so much, Nokia!

  7. WOW! Malik you did an amazing job man and TOTALLY deserved to win. I never knew one could do so much with a Nokia phone. Goes to show that while there are folks who buy hi-tech phones for posing sake, there are still a good number who use those phones to make their life as easy as possible.

    CONGRATS once again 😉

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