wordpress and opera-mini


  1. Opera mini used to be my favorite mobile browser before, but now, UC Browser and Chrome are the right apps for me. I don’t know why Opera mini keep going down in terms of full functionality, and it’s bad for a well known browser like this.

  2. Opera Mini has always been that way. What they need to do is change and evolve with a changing world.

    People want to save data and browse faster, but they also want advanced interactivity. Opera Mini offers only the former while the world keeps chasing after the latter.

  3. Opera mini is a stubborn browser they should have improved and relax their compression ratio. That is why it’s almost impossible filling form with the browser.

  4. Good topic.

    Opera mini had its way some 10 years ago and in my uni days with my java powered Sony Ericsson I loved it.

    But, the thing is the usurping of the mobile market by android has also helped overtake the browsing preferentially with chrome coming in as a system app pre installed.

    So, in essence if you want to use opera mini you will have to go and download it specifically from the app stores.

    I still use opera on my android today cos I have some features that chrome doesn’t offer.

    Like downloading Facebook videos on the go, compression via downloads and having seamless operations to some stubborn sites due to its heavy and basic compression capabilities.

    Yes!, something has to give.

    But, for specific needs… opera mini still serves the purpose for many.

  5. Nice Topic suggestion.

    It still baffles me that opera mini is still a browser.

    The app is just slow, doesn’t load webpages finish and not good in opening blogs.

    They need improvements.

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  6. Whatever rocks my boat I use. As long as I get what i need I do not mind the feud

  7. Now I understand why I had plenty issues with responses on webpages using Opera. I just never thought about it. I basically read with opera mini, if I want to comment or fill forms and stuff, I copy the webpage to another browser

  8. I’ve not been able to give Opera Mini up so far, I don’t think their loss of market share is because of their compression type, rather it’s because of their questionable practices with the ads and loss of functionality with every update.

  9. Opera mini is my best browser for fast and speedy browsing followed by chromes

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