X-files: Where to find more apps for your Nokia X

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The Nokia X and its siblings in the X Software Platform can run Android apps. Microsoft has an extensive collection of Android apps available in their own Store which is pre-installed on the X. To download apps to your X from the Store, just launch the store by tapping on its icon on the homepage. You will not be required to login. Search for the apps you want, then download and install them. Here is what the homepage of the Store looks like:

Xfiles Store

However, there are lots more Android apps that are not available in Store. For those, I strongly recommend 1mobile Market as the best 3rd party Android app store available. It is available as an app and you need to download and install it on your phone. Launch the Nokia browser and go to market.1mobile.com. Click on the “Download” link to initiate download of the 1mobile Market app. Here is what 1mobile Market looks in the browser:

Xfiles 1mobile market download

Now, to use the 1mobile Market app, you will find its icon on the homescreen, tap it to launch it, and search for the apps you are looking for in there, download and install. The process is similar to what obtains in pre-installed Store. No registration/login is required here too. When you launch 1mobile Market, it looks like this:

Xfiles 1mobile market

With both the Store and 1mobile Market apps on your X smartphone, you have nothing to worry about finding any Android apps that you want for your phone.


  1. not a fan of 3rd party app markets, but i thought Mobogenie was the premiere 3rd party app market? i also like Blackmart Alpha, cos you can get apk’s for premium apps

  2. Yandex.Store, Aptoide and 1Mobile Market are the only 3rd party stores whose app you can download from the Nokia Store, so I work on the premise they have some kind of agreement in place with Nokia/Microsoft.

    However, you can download the Mobogenie app directly from their website.

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