Xelento Wireless, the costliest Bluetooth headphone

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If you listen to music a lot, no doubt you own a pair of nice headphones. In fact, some people would make do with the best headphones they can afford. Now, a lot of folks like to listen to music through wired headphones. They’re cool, produce great audio, and it’s harder to lose wired headphones than wireless headphones. But then, there are some really cool Bluetooth headphones. For example, Beyerdynamic announced the Xelento Wireless, and reports suggest that this headphone is an absolute beast. Also, it has the honor of being the world’s most expensive in-ear Bluetooth headphone.

The official Beyerdynamic website describes the Xelento Wireless as “a unique piece of jewelry for audiophile music enjoyment”. You get the experience of combining cordless freedom with exceptional sound quality. With miniaturized Tesla technology and first-class Bluetooth transmission, thanks to the aptX HD system, you can always enjoy some fantastic music anywhere you go.

The Xelento Wirelelss is designed with optimal wearing comfort in mind. The ear pieces ensure a comfortable fit in the ear and dampen external noise. The cable goes behind the ear, and this offers a great balance which, combined with the additional holding clips, ensure that the headphones feel comfortable at all times.Xelento Wireless

The headphones are manufactured by hand in Germany with the highest attention to detail and passion. This is to make sure that optimal sound quality is obtained at all times.

Here are the characteristics of the Xelento Wireless:

  • First-class Bluetooth transmission (Qualcomm aptXTM HD and AAC)
  • Miniaturized Tesla technology with the highest efficiency
  • Up to 5 hours of playing time
  • High resolution sound for an audiophilic lifestyle
  • Universal 3-button remote case with perfectly matched ear-pieces (10 pairs)
  • Exclusive materials such as aluminum battery housing and engraved decorative plates
  • Handmade in Germany.

    Xelento wireless
    Sweet, sweet $1,200

Now, here are the accessories that come with the headphones:

  • Bluetooth connection cable, pluggable (MMCX) with remote control, microphone and Akkupack.
  • Jack connection cable, pluggable (MMCX), with remote control, microphone and 3.5mm jack, 4-pole, 1.3m
  • Charging cable USB-A to Micro-USB
  • 7 pairs of silicone ear pieces
  • 3 pairs of Comply TM ear pieces
  • 1 pair of replacement protective grids case
  • Clip for Akkupack
  • Cable clip
  • Quick start guide

This does look like an amazing device, and it goes for $1,200. Or it will when it is released later this year. As of now, the device has not been released. We certainly hope it is released sooner than later; this device seems really amazing.

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