Flash: Yesterday, Apple launched a 13-inch tablet running iOS 9 and slapped a keyboard in a Smart Cover on it. Not surprisingly, there was a

Apple has launched a Microsoft Surface Pro and an eye pencil

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Flash: Yesterday, Apple launched a 13-inch tablet running iOS 9 and slapped a keyboard in a Smart Cover on it. Not surprisingly, there was a stylus in the picture too. Basically, Apple launched a Microsoft Surface Pro. Which is not a bad thing.

Apple iPad Pro

It is what Apple does excellently – sit back and let others introduce new features and make the early mistakes, then years down the road, fine-tune same features and announce to the world how they invented it. It is crazy, but it has worked for them again and again. Perhaps some other manufacturers should try this approach for a change. It has its merits.

Eye Pencil

Say hello to the Apple Surface Pro and eye pencil…ooops! I meant, Apple iPad Pro and Apple Pencil (Apple calls the stylus that). No; the above eyeliner pencil is NOT the Apple Pencil. Can’t someone play with you again?

PS: Lest I forget, Apple also bumped up the megapixel count of the iPhone to 12 on the iPhone 6s. Never mind that they have repeatedly wailed (pardon the political folks) that megapixel count doesn’t mean anything. Of course, we all know that it does. It just doesn’t mean everything.

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  1. I have never been an apple fan, but I have always been impressed by their devices, but this iPad pro is just pretty regular for me, theres no wow factor.
    Plus it’s pretty lame that you have to buy the pencil separately.
    please where do you keep the pencil when not in use, no dock like the galaxy note series from samsung. the price too for the pencil is high. practically if you buy the iPad pro without the pencil and keyboard, then it’s basically an XL iPad.

    my last concern the rest angle when using the keyboard is pretty steep and its not adjustable.

  2. lol, anyone that tries to copy Apple will drown in litigation (unless they’re hiding behind the Great Wall of China). there’s a saying that pioneers don’t reap the full benefits of tbeir inventions/innovations, that’s why Newton said “if i have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”. as per the iincreased number of megapixels in the camera, Apple seems to be embracing concepts they laughed at years back. first was bigger screens (and thus phones), now it’s the stylus (or pencil in their case). Cupertino seems to be coming to terms with reality

  3. I just realised you have to charge the pencil, and guess how you have to charge it, by pluging it directly into the Lightining port below the ipad pro.

    From a design perspective that’s not ergonomic at all, they easily could have made a slot for it, so it charges while its in the slot.

  4. Now, that would be something really innovative: charging automatically by inserting in the slot.

    But, why even charge at all? What does the thing do asides drawing that makes it require charge

  5. lol, that’s eerily accurate
    just goes to show that Apple isn’t about being first to the table, simply because it doesn’t guarantee the biggest slice of the cake and they’re all about having the biggest slice

  6. Funny enough, that iPencil idea and the iPad Pro might prove a lot more popular than the naysayers anticipate. I can see the kind of people that would make use of it – those into technical drawing, design and animation.

    Apple computers have been the computer of choice for many graphic designers for years, so I can see that this will find a niche audience, even if many of us don’t want to lug around a 13″ tablet.

  7. no one’s saying it won’t be popular or useful, it’s basically an Apple Surface Pro, the Surface Pro line is popular with graphic artists
    what we’re saying the pen is ridiculously expensive, Microsoft’s pen costs less than $10. some “designer” N Trig/WACOM special purpose pens (with 256 degrees of pressure) aren’t that expensive

  8. All it needs to sell in droves is the Apple logo on it,am sure Apple fans will already be drooling all it..

  9. For the Apple aficionados, the pen is worth it, no matter how ridiculous we may think it is compared to the competition. Just put your Apple Goggles on and it makes sense!

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