We got to experience Kai OS in Nigeria when we got our hands on the Nokia 8110 4G months ago. Back then, the phone had

Hands-on with YouTube, Google Maps, Assistant, KaiStore on Nokia 8110 4G

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We got to experience Kai OS in Nigeria when we got our hands on the Nokia 8110 4G months ago. Back then, the phone had no app store and no downloadable apps available for it. That has changed with the latest update and we share a hands-on with the new Kai OS apps.

The new apps that arrived with this first software update of our Nokia 8110 4G are: YouTube, Google Maps, KaiStore, and Google Assistant. The update bumped the small 4G phone up to version The update was a very small one, weighing in at only 26.70 MB in size, and it is dated, 2nd August 2018.

What’s New?

Nokia 8110 4g Kai OS Nigeria software update
We checked the release notes, and all they told us was the software version and date. There was no information about what improvements the update brings or what new features are included.

After the phone powered up after the update, though, we noticed that a Google Maps app was now present in the apps menu. Other new apps present are Google Assistant, Store and YouTube.

The Nokia 8110 4G runs KaiOS, the fast growing platform for smarter feature phones. This update has added Kai Store and a number of Google apps to the phone. We went through the Kai Store and found a number of game titles, a weather utility, as well as a Twitter app.

There is a small collection of games available in KaiStore:
nokia 8110 4g kai store install games Kai OS Nigeria

Here is what Google Maps looks like when it loads:
Google Maps on Nokia 8110 4G Kai OS Nigeria

We tried out Google Assistant (Mister Mo asked Assistant for Rihanna’s pictures), and it delivered nicely.

Launching Google Assistant on Nokia 8110 4G

Google Assistant on Nokia 8110 4G: results

Downloading and installing the Twitter app was without issues, and in a few minutes we had it running.
Installing Twitter on Nokia 8110 4G Kai OS Nigeria

The KaiStore is still in its early days, and more apps are expected to show up there soon. There is a huge expectation for WhatsApp and Facebook. Instagram is being expected too. In all, KaiOS has been off to a good start and it looks like things can only get better for the platform. Google must think so too because they have invested in KaiOS.

Here in Nigeria, people have held back from buying the Nokia 8110 4G because of a lack of these apps (including Whatsapp). That has seriously changed now. WhatsApp is already available for Jio Phones, and we are hopeful to see it on the Nokia 8110 4G also soon.

These apps are also be available for Reliance Jio 4G Phones, as they also run KaiOS. This includes phones like the original Jio Phone and Jio Phone 2.

What other apps are you looking forward to seeing on KaiOS phones? In the meantime, do not forget to read our Nokia 8110 4G Review.

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