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Right now, a lot of people do not use YouTube for more than watching funny videos and such stuff. However, when they need updates on current events, they turn to other sources, and some of these sources might not be quite reliable. Now, there’s so much one can do n YouTube than merely watching music videos. YouTube now has a Breaking News section, which contains a collection of videos that share breaking news from any part of the globe.

These news videos can be seen in a horizontally scrollable format, and they are unique to your region. Right now, this Breaking News feature has been launched on Android and iOS, as well as desktop however, not quite everyone has gotten the feature yet. Also, it is not clear as to whether this Breaking News section will only be operational when there is breaking news. However, it is quite clear that people from the same region would be receiving the same news.YouTube Breaking News

If you do not want to see the news, you can hit the X on your desktop platform, or tap the Not Interested option in the three-dot menu on your mobile device.

Now, it might seem weird that YouTube is delving into Breaking News. After all, YouTube is where people go to avoid the news. However, it makes sense that some current events would at least get a chance of reaching some consumers. By the way, YouTube CEO Susan Wojciki announced recently that 1.5 billion people watched an hour of video on mobile alone.

Currently, for those that see the breaking news section, it seems like they are being served news from traditional networks. However, if the section finds a surer footing, it would be an opportunity for YouTube celebrities and personalities to give their viewers their own take on daily happenings. After all, Snapchat serves its viewers daily news. YouTube can surely do the same.



  1. So much offer from YouTube now, more and more features are now added to the platform. From video watching to video sharing, and now, breaking news video. This is great development.

  2. thanks for the update,as for YouTube they are trying in their games in terms of good features and quality videos,am looking forward to see them do more great work.

  3. the most tin I love about YouTube is the live session of it because without watching TV I can still watch it on my mobile phone.

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