Just a heads-up. Having your Zain line provisioned for internet and getting settings sent to your phone used to be a harrowing experience (see: Mobile


Zain Internet Provisioning Now User-Friendly?

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zainJust a heads-up. Having your Zain line provisioned for internet and getting settings sent to your phone used to be a harrowing experience (see: Mobile Data and User-friendly Configuration). It looks like those days are over.


This morning, I popped a Zain SIM into a phone, and within moments, I received a couple of settings for WAP, MMS and internet, accompanied by text messages that congratulated me for having had the line provisioned.

This user-friendly provisioning system used to be a preserve of MTN and Etisalat. If Zain has just joined the club, as it seems, that leaves only Glo as the only “Old School” networks on the block as regards internet provisioning and configuration.


Anyone else has any reports and/or experiences with this on Zain?

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  2. I’ve discovered for some days now that some web site are really very dificult and most of the time impossible to open on the pc using a phone as modem with zain bundles.

    Porpular sites such as facebook, yahoo and gmail fall in this group.

    I only succed in opening google which is my home page and mobility nigeria is also succesful.

    When i try facebook or yahoo and some other sites i get a warning that ”internet explorer was not able to open this internet site. The requested site is either unavailable or can not be found. please try again.

    Even a friend of mine that has an edge modem has the same complain.

    What could be responsible? I’m sorry for deviating from the topic.

  3. It’s good to hear that, but it came too late for me. Yes, Zain has served me well because there gprs service is much better than MTN’s gprs in Maiduguri but I’ve jumped to Etisalat’s EDGE since they introduced data bundle. There are one or hiccups when you come to resubscribing but I was told that the system is still being improved.

    If you are living in the north-east I think etisalat is the way to go. I get an average of 20KB/s (and sometimes up to 60KB/s) compared to Zain’s 2-5 KB/s. It’s even more stable than MTN’s 3.5G I’ve experienced in Kaduna. We are just waiting for Etisalat to move to 3G.

  4. I recently acquired a Zain 3G sim and my problems with slow internet and downloads ceased hence forth.

  5. Dclique,

    That required a contract; right? That was what I was told at Zain the last time I enquired about Z3.

  6. I succeeded in opening facebook this morning on my pc. I hope they’ve resolve their issues.

    Is a 3G sim diffrent from d common sims we get around?

    If it’s diffrent i’ll like to try it, any idea of where I can get one.

  7. I got it from a guy i met on nairaland(hayprof).

    Zain 3G is only for postpaid. How he got 3G prepaid sims, i don’t know. But i purchased it from him at a thousand for 1. The speed is wonderfull though.

  8. my guys,Zain ntwk is jst d best 4 any internet usage.its reliable,cheap,averagel speed&time flexible i.e u can browse anytime dpendin on ur pocket as per cash.areas where u have 3G service,u get high speed in browsing&enjoy browsing 2d fullest.u can acquire d data sim(3G) from Zain shops like lagos,abuja&portharcourt.those places,there is 3G facility.

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