Zain offers Free Internet till March 15th

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zain2Zain Nigeria is in the news a lot these days. The mobile operator is offering Nigerians free, unlimited browsing via packet data (GPRS/EDGE/3G/HSDPA) on its network.

Great move in our opinion here at Mobility Nigeria. What spoils it a little is the scanty 3G coverage at present. It seems odd that it took Zain this long to launch 3G/HSDPA and then the coverage is so, so scanty.

As such, many are left with good old, creepy-crawly GPRS. You hit a button and stare at the screen for 45 seconds to 3 minutes before the next page loads. No; I’m not talking about GPRS on your laptop or desktop, but on a decent phone browser. And this is in Lagos, not Kutuwenji.

Of course, we eagerly await wider 3G coverage, especially in core economic areas like lagos and Abuja. Then Zain would truly have arrived on the mobile internet scene.

Need a break from internet bills at the moment? Grab a Zain SIM, send SMS in the format, “internet sonyericsson P910i”, to 232, save the settings sent to you by SMS, and start browsing.

In addition to browsing on your phone, if the phone has a built-in modem, you can use it with your PC. Alternatively, you can shell out some change for a USB modem at the nearest Zain centre.

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  1. Charging rate of 10kobo/kbyte is fair, but configuring web enabled phones is not easy.

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