Zedd mobile launches in Nigeria

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Zedd mobile has launched a new range of mobile devices in the Nigerian market. According to Zedd mobile, their devices are available at all major outlets in Nigeria.

Source: Zeddmobile.com


  1. Hmmm…9ce phones. Buh i’ll like to see full specifications of the products. Gprs Enabled…does it have edge too?

  2. Confirm the warranty status before buying the device…else you will keep on looking for spare parts and spend money to repair your phone.

  3. There is a also a ZEN mobile brand that was recently lunched.
    ”………….Outlining the selling point for Zen Mobile
    of smart devices, Mr. Sharma noted that
    all the six mobile products come with dual
    SIM facility, battery life span with X410
    series having a 30-day battery backup
    while all the phones comes with 15 month warranty.”

  4. As you don’t have costomers outlet service for maintainance here in Nig. How can we comfirm the warranty if it develop fault. Thanks

  5. Funny how Nigerians react to goofy techs. This phones should have been published 6 years ago. There is no amazing thing about these phones, just a repeated bunch of crappy features. When are they going to start recognizing cool things in Nigeria. We are so used to those archaic dual sim, loudspeaker techs.

  6. I actually want to buy one of the zedd phone today but i need clue on the battery life and warranty b4 i make any move cos if i get there i may be tempted to buy rubish.

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