ZeTime smartwatch: A digital/analog hybrid

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Between the Fitbit Ionic and the various Samsung ear devices, one can safely assume that companies are making a major effort to make smartwatches more common. Tech company MyKronoz has joined the train, announcing their own smartwatch, called the ZeTime smartwatch. Now, this device is not quite the same as other regular smartwatches. This is a hybrid smartwatch, which has both the analog and digital interfaces.

The ZeTime smartwatch is not the first hybrid smartwatch on the market. However, it is markedly different from the others, which most often are just analog watches with a bunch of sensors and wireless connectivity receivers attached to the body or strap. The ZeTime smartwatch has a full TFT color screen, real analog mechanical hands, and full touch input. The company achieved this seemingly impossible feat by putting the analog hands just between the touch panel and the LCD display.ZeTime smartwatch

Now, this promises to be a really amazing smartwatch. However, there’s one snag. The ZeTime smartwatch has to be charged before even the mechanical hands can work. However, MyKronoz has promised that the analog hands can run for up to 30 days on a single charge. Therefore, you will at least be able to tell the time. Other than that, the ZeTime smartwatch functions just like any other regular smartwatch. It allows you to get weather reports, read notifications, and even control your phone’s music. Also, there’s a built-in 3-axis accelerometer and optical heart rate sensor.

Now, because of all these features, one might be tempted to think that this smartwatch would be absurdly expensive. The truth is, the company says that the device won’t be any more absurdly expensive than any other smartwatch. As a matter of fact, it will cost you $199.90 when it launches in September. There will be two sizes, the Regular 44mm and the Petite 39mm, which will be compatible with Android 5.0 or higher and iOS 8.0 or higher.


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  1. I like everything about this smartwatch, what I love more is the part, when you just need to charge it once and it will carry you for a whole good month, that is amazing!

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