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Gadget & App Reviews

Specifications only tell half the story about a gadget. Because a review involves our handling of the device, it tells you much more than what the manufacturer specifies about the device. Which is why Mobility Arena reviews prepaid mobile phones, cell phones, smartphones, other mobile gadgets and accessories, and apps.

When we say, “reviews”, we mean real, honest-to-God reviews: we use the phones and other devices to experience how they perform, and then write our observations, experiences, and opinions about them. That way, you are better informed about whether a gadget or app is worth spending your money on. All our reviews are our honest opinion of a gadget or app after using it for a period of one to three weeks.

Nokia 3.4 review bottom edge display

Nokia 3.4 review

Nokia 3.4 is a $150 smartphone with an overall package that is impressive, from hardware to software to performance.

oppo a93 review hands-on

OPPO A93 review: One of the best phones in its class

In this OPPO A93 review, Mister Mobility and Flamez take this gorgeous mid-ranger for a spin – design, photography, gaming, battery and more – and come out with a definite verdict. Is this one of the best budget smartphones of the year?