The Jabra BT2046 headset got an easier, trendier, less Star Trek-like name, Jabra Talk 5. Here is my review of this simple, in-ear, Bluetooth headset.

Jabra Talk 5 Bluetooth Headset review

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Many months ago, I needed a replacement Bluetooth headset for taking calls when driving and when in other situations in which my hands are busy. My eventual choice was the Jabra Talk 5, a simple, compact traditional headset.

To be more precise, I purchased the Jabra BT20146, which has since been renamed as the Jabra Talk 5. It is exactly the same device. It just got an easier, trendier, less Star Trek-like name. I mean, who wants to call a consumer product by the name, BT2046. It sounds like R2-D2.

jabra talk 5 in-ear piece

Jabra Talk 5 key specs

  • take calls for 2 connected devices.
  • 1 omnidirectional microphone.
  • in-ear speaker.
  • LED light.
  • detachable earhook.
  • single button.
  • range: 10 meters.
  • battery: Jabra won’t diclose the battery rating but say it delivers up to 11 hours talk time.
  • Bluetooth 2.1.
Jabra Talk 5 BT2046 review
Jabra Talk 5 BT2046 bluetooth headset

In the box were the following items:

  • Jabra BT2046
  • Earhook
  • Ear-gel
  • USB cable
  • Quick guide and other pamphlets

Jabra Talk 5 BT2046 review

The Talk 5 is an in-ear headset and so can be worn without the earhook. I was a bit skeptical about how well that would work, but I did try it on without the hook and had no problems with it for the most part. After the initial fears that it would fall off, I got used to having it hang in there by itself.

jabra bt2046 review

Audio quality is good. It isn’t horrible and neither it is spectacular. But it is good enough for most scenarios excpet the noisiest.

No A2DP Profile

If you want a Bluetooth headset that supports media playback i.e. listening to music from your phone, this is not one. It does not not support A2DP, which is the BT profile that makes audio streaming possible. The BT2046 headset uses the older Bluetooth 2.1 standard. This model is strictly for calls.

One Multi-purpose Button

It has only one button, the horizontal strip with “Jabra” inscribed on it – and that is used both as a power button and as an Answer/End call button. Press and hold it to power it on and off. When a call is incoming, tap it to answer the call. To end an ongoing call, use the same action – a tap on the button.

The LED light that lights up in blue to indicate charging is also located on this same button button. It also flashes the same colour to indicate an incoming call.

The Jabra Talk 5 does not have volume buttons. To control in-call volume, you have to use your connected phone’s volume buttons.

What will the Jabra talk 5 cost you? $19.99 only. It is available on online stores like Jumia, Amazon and others, as well as at brick-and-mortar retail stores.

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  1. Why would one want a bt device without audio streaming??? Anyhu what happened to airpod or her knock offs…

  2. I wouldn’t normally listen to music with only one ear, so for me the Jabra 5 is for chat only. At $20 it is adequate for chat and less cumbersome than earbuds because no cord and much longer battery life than dual earbuds. Plus, for driving I still have one ear alert to traffic etc.

  3. I did not want anything sophisticated, but the ability to pair two phones was important so I purchased the Jabra Talk 5 to replace a device I lost. (Note to purchasers, it is easy to lose the earpiece).

    I liked the idea of 11 hour battery time but the lack of instructions with the packaging was not helpful. It is difficult to know when the device is on or off, and the pairing was clumsy and only seemed to work on one of my two phones.

    Rating out of 5? A 2. Not having volume control on the device is also a disadvantage. In Australia the purchase price is $39.99 AUD. This is the lower end of the bluetooth headpiece market.

    Regrettably though, I’m sorry I purchased it. It’s not pairing well (instructions are minimal) and I don’t know when it is on or off.

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