There are a bunch of new and improved features coming to WhatsApp. This new feature might just be what you need the most.


WhatsApp might add a pause button to voicenotes

There are a bunch of new and improved features coming to WhatsApp. This new feature might just be what you need the most.

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Vivo Y20T

Vivo Y20T launches with Snapdragon 662 chip

The newest entry to the Vivo budget line is here, the Vivo Y20T. Check out its specs and price in this article.

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Material You

Material You is coming to Samsung devices

Google’s radical and new approach to design and customisation features will be finding its way to Samsung devices.

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Pixel Pass

Pixel Pass might be a new subscription service from Google

Google’s own subscription plan very similar to the Apple One might just be in the works. The Pixel Pass might come alive along with the Pixel 6 lineup.

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OnePlus 9RT

OnePlus 9RT from Oxygen OS to Color OS

Will OnePlus switch to its sister company Oppo’s Color OS? Well the OnePlus 9RT might be the device to give us a glimpse of the merger.

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Google Pixel fold expected unveiling

Google Pixel Fold might be set to steal the show

Google Pixel fold might be unveiled alongside the Pixel 6 lineup.

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WhatsApp encrypted backups

WhatsApp encrypted backups to heighten security

WhatsApp encrypted backup is a new security feature from WhatsApp in beta stage to help boost user privacy and security.

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YouTube Podcast in the work.

YouTube Podcast might just be in the works

Do you enjoy listening to podcasts? If yes, then it might interest you to know that YouTube is planning on launching its own podcast.

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Twitter test warning prompt for heated conversations.

Twitter tests warning prompt for heated conversation

If you have ever got involved in a discussion, only to regret it after it went south, a new warning prompt for heated conversations on Twitter will appeal to you.

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YouTube Rewind Is Gone For Good!

YouTube Rewind Is Gone For Good; Say Goodbye

The much hated annual YouTube Rewind video series is going away.

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Moto G Pure

Motorola Debuts The Moto G Pure At A Friendly Price

The Motorola Moto G Pure goes official with 3 GB RAM capacity, 32 GB ROM, and IP52 water resistance.

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Google PlayPass

Google’s PlayPass Is 2 Years Old With A Few Games Making The Rounds

Google PlayPass turned two years a few weeks back, but it took to it’s blog to talk about it today! Most people mistake Google PlayPass to be…

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Nokia T20

Nokia Launches The T20 Tablet

Have you ever seen a Nokia tablet before? The T20 is the first in a long time.

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Pixel 6 and 6 pro

Google Is Finally Set To Launch The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro

Two of the devices making the rounds for a few months now are the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, everyone has been talking about it, everyone is…

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Lenovo Legion Play.

Lenovo Legion Play is exciting news for portable game lovers

Did you love the era of the Play Station Portable, if yes then the Lenovo Legion Play will sure tickle your fancy. In the world of laptops…

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