New Outage Alert feature introduced to Instagram

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Monday the 4th of October 2021 saw a 7 hour long outage on all three of Facebook’s social media platforms. This outage affected a lot of people using these applications for various reasons (for fun or for business). As a result of this Instagram has announced a new “Outage Alert” feature that informs users of the state of technical issues on the application.

Instagram will perform the test of this feature only in the U.S, there is a good chance that other regions will get this feature after the test is completed. The actual usage of the Outage Alert feature is quite simple and straight to the point.

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By means of the activity feeds on the Instagram application users can now be informed of any technical issues affecting any part of the application. This feed will come with detailed information about the issue and what is being done to rectify it at the moment.

This update does not mean that users should wave goodbye to future outages on the application but instead it helps prepare users ahead of time for any outage caused by technical issues from Instagram.



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