Netflix Free Streaming Is Here: Are you eligible?

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Of course, we all love to see a good movie or series, and Netflix helps to bring it right to our doorstep at very little cost. We talked about a few streaming steps in this article. Despite the fact that movie streaming have been simplified to an ordinary man’s understanding, most people are not still buying into the idea of streaming movies.

When we say “most people”, the greater number of people in this category fall within the African environment. So what has been done to bring its streaming platform closer to Africa?

Free streaming is Netflix’s solution to this issue! When we say free streaming, you might think of ads, but this feature is totally free from ads. At the moment, this free streaming is only accessible to Netflix users in Kenya, and with a few limitations.

Features And Limitations Of Netflix Free Streaming Plan

Netflix Video Streaming
  • Accessibility: At the moment this feature is only accessible to Android device users, so people using an iPhone will not be able to access this feature. This stands as a limitation, but still it doesn’t mean much since the major mobile operating system in Kenya is Android.
  • Sustainability: The prospect of this free streaming offered might not last long. Why? This is just a marketing strategy by the company aimed at scooping prospective subscriber’s from the Kenyan market. The Director of Product Innovation of Netflix Cathy Conk clearly said that many people in Kenya haven’t watched Netflix before, so what Netflix sees is just uncultivated grounds!
  • Fewer Movies And Shows: The free streaming option will also mean less movies and shows for those using it. This is only natural on the part of Netflix to preserve it’s business and also showcase the Netflix streaming option to the East African viewers.
  • No Downloads Or Casting: On this free streaming service you will not be able to download movies or episodes for offline viewing, neither will you be able to cast shows from your phone screen to your TV.
Netflix Free Streaming in Kenya
Free Streaming In Kenya.

This is mainly a marketing strategy to entice internet users in Kenya to the Netflix streaming platform, as well as prompt them to subscribe and enjoy more movies and TV shows from around the world.

The African movie entertainment industry is gradually developing to maturity as we have seen a couple of well written movie scripts that not only showcase the African setting but also our life and culture. This means growth not only for Netflix but also the movie industry as more people will be interested in streaming indigenous movies such as Lionheart, Quam’s Money and Namaste Wahala.

Will this free streaming feature debut in other African countries? At this moment we can not tell, but we will certainly drop an update if this feature finds its way elsewhere.

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