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Remitano Launches new Competition where Users Stand a Chance to win up to 5000 Dollars

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If you’ve been following Remitano for some time now, you’d understand that the platform is all about helping its users make a profit as a crypto enthusiast. Day by day, investors and traders continuously take advantage of Remitano’s amazing offers to help them acquire more Bitcoin and Altcoins. 

A lot of people are skeptical to hold bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies because of price fluctuations. So the big question is – what if there’s a way to buy and hold Bitcoin or Ethereum and get compensated if you incur any loss? Well, that is what the new “Tournament of Diamond hands” is all about. Remitano is using this unique competition to reward true crypto holders. 

Remitano is an online platform that provides an escrowed P2P crypto marketplace.

With over 5000 USDT worth of rewards up for grabs, this tournament promises to be educative, fun, and rewarding for all participants.

Whether you are an amateur, small-time trader, or whale, the Tournament of Diamond Hands is an opportunity for you to increase your crypto holding while you do what you love to do – learn, trade, and make money without the fear of losing.  

This amazing offer from Remitano is the first of its kind. Traders with the most losses in the month of September will be compensated up to the tune of $5000 for actively buying BTC and ETH on Remitano. 

Don’t just be a crypto trader, become one of the diamond hands! This is a rare title for long-term investors who remain unshaken despite short-term fluctuations in the price of coins. These investors are certain that they’d profit off their investment, irrespective of market ups and downs.

Ready to see what the Tournament looks like? Let’s dive in!

The Tournament of Diamond hands aims to give many investors the chance to take calculated risks, and also open their eyes to new opportunities. If you are a crypto investor and don’t take part in this tournament, you are leaving $5000 on the table. 

Rules of the game

It’s simple. Buy at least $500 worth of Bitcoin or Ethereum in September 2021 with Remitano P2P or Remitano Swap to participate in the tournament. 

The top 3 users with the most total losses per pool will be selected to win free USDT. Results will be summarized by the end of September 30, 2021, and announced at the earliest after that.

How to participate in 3 simple steps

How to track your profit or loss

After making a buying transaction, you need to track it so that Remitano will calculate it automatically. 

To track your profit or loss follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to “Dashboard” -> “P2P Exchange”
  2. Select the tab “Completed Trades” and tick “Follow”
  3. Then go to the “Following” tab to see the profit and loss. Your profit and loss will be automatically calculated in real-time by the system.

Remitano will also use this result to determine the winners. 

What users stand to win

Total Prize: 5,000 USDT

The tournament is divided into three pools. You can fall into any of the winning pools depending on the total buying volume specified in each pool. Total buying volume is the total volume of BTC or ETH transactions in September 2021 combined.

Silver Pool:  Total buying volume is from $500 (or 500 USDT) to  $800 (or 800 USDT)

Remitano Diamond Hands - Silver Pool

Golden Pool:  Total buying volume is between $800 (or 800 USDT) to $1,000 (or 1,000 USDT)

Remitano Golden pool

Diamond Pool: Total buying volume is over $1,000 (or 1,000USDT)

Remitano Diamond Pool

So, what are you waiting for? Log on to Remitano to buy bitcoin or ethereum and take part in the Tournament of Diamond Hands to claim your free USDT.

You can also earn more with the ongoing Simple Mining Game on Remitano and you can earn up to $600  for mining free coins. Remitano recently launched its official coin, RENEC, which can be mined for free using your mobile phone. In addition to mining for free, top miners with the highest number of RENEC will be rewarded with up to $600.

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