YouTube Podcast might just be in the works

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Recent reports have shown clearly that YouTube has its eyes on the podcast market. This is not the first time that Google as a company is starting up its own podcast, but this time YouTube Podcast might be different.

We have seen YouTube go for other sectors in the content creation market examples of this are YouTube’s launching YouTube Shorts and YouTube Premium. Here, YouTube has set its eyes to Spotify’s strong grounds, podcasts.

YouTube Podcast in the works

A couple of podcast channels already exist on YouTube, but these are not making use of any podcast features due to the absence of such features on the platform. Now, YouTube might just bring such features to the doorsteps of content creators. As such, we are likely to see audio only podcasts, a podcast homepage, and a few others.

Can YouTube Podcast Survive With The Likes Of Spotify?

Tips to grow on YouTube

As stated earlier, YouTube already has a couple of podcast channels existing on its platform, so survival might just be certain. The big question comes in terms of sustainability. Will this just be a feature that launches and suddenly fades into the background?

As for competition, there will be serious competition between YouTube and other existing podcast platforms, no doubt. How will all of this play out? Let us hope that YouTube plays its card well this time around.

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