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4 Good Reasons Why You Should Consider A YouTube Premium Subscription Plan

Avatar of KittysTech By KittysTech Aug4,2021
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Did you know that there is a paid subscription service that offers users an ad-free experience while streaming videos? This paid subscription was known as YouTube Red up until the year 2018 when it was renamed YouTube Premium.

This subscription plan helps users get rid of the ads present on YouTube while watching videos. In addition, users can, download videos to watch offline and also enjoy other benefits and features are baked into this subscription plan! I have been subscribed to YouTube Premium for over two months now, and I am going to tell you a bit of it and why you should consider subscribing too.

YouTube Premium Subscription Plan
YouTube Premium.

What does YouTube Premium have to offer?

With the subscription in place, there are in effects two types of YouTube, the ordinary version and the paid version. Paying to use YouTube means that you are entitled to more benefits than someone who uses YouTube without a payment.

First on the list will be the ad-free viewing. Most people hate the interruptive ads that are displayed while watching videos, some of which can be skipped while others can not just be skipped. Showing you these ads is Google’s way of earning money from your watching videos on YouTube.

YouTube Premium Subscription Plan

By Google earning money from you, the company is in turn able to pay content creators on its application (those making the videos you watch available). Hence, the only way to get rid of these ads is to pay YouTube through a subscription. By subscribing to YouTube Premium, you will be served videos free of ads.

The second feature we will talk about is background play. Have you ever tried minimizing the YouTube application while watching a video and expected the video to continue playing? If yes, you will discover that you can not naturally watch videos while away from the YouTube application. But YouTube Premium makes it possible for you to still enjoy your video even when you minimize the application or turn off your phone screen.

YouTube Originals
YouTube Originals.

Third feature is YouTube Originals! You know how certain movies and series can not be got elsewhere except from Netflix. Similarly, there are certain movies and series that can not be got elsewhere except from YouTube Originals. So YouTube Originals is a streaming service from Google, I personally loved watching certain movies from the Originals like Cobra Kai and Kedi. The movies available on YouTube Originals are not newly released movies, but we hope that soon enough YouTube will start releasing movies exclusively on Originals.

The last feature is YouTube Music, and this is where a lot of people make mistakes. December 2020 saw the replacement of Google Music application with YouTube Music application. Ever since then, YouTube Music has become the default music player application for many Android devices (especially Pixel and stock Android devices).

YouTube Music
YouTube Music.

But what is the relationship between YouTube Music and the YouTube application? Subscription, that is the relationship between the two applications. Individually, they have different subscription plans, but I will advise that if you are considering subscribing to any, YouTube Premium is the way to go. Why? With YouTube Premium, you have access to all the extra features on YouTube and also an active subscription on YouTube Music.

YouTube Premium and Family Plan Pricing

There is of course a lot to gain with the YouTube Premium subscription, at just $11.99, €11.99, or ₦1100 per month, you get a bunch of cool extra features to your YouTube application. If the pricing is kind of high for you, then you can also consider subscribing to the Family plan, which lets 5 family members share a single subscription for ₦1700 monthly only.

All you need is your Google account, then sign in your Google account to your YouTube application in order to gain access to the available subscriptions.

Premium Lite Pricing

At the moment, Google is also testing a cheaper subscription plan. This cheaper feature gives you ad-free viewing experience, but there is no YouTube Music bundle included, no video background play, and no offline download found on the regular YouTube Premium plan. So if you do not want to see ads while watching content on YouTube but do not mind letting go of the other features, then you need to wait till this cheaper plan is launched here in Nigeria.

This cheaper plan is called YouTube Premium Lite and is already available in other European regions such as Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. It costs €6.99/month. Hopefully, it will be released in more countries and territories.

In closing, do not forget that apart from the cost of your YouTube Premium subscription, you also pay your cellphone carrier or telecom operator for the data you use.

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