Twitter tests warning prompt for heated conversation

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Every now and then on Twitter, there are personality clashes and the battle for who’s opinion is more favourable. These battles have in a way created unnecessary friction between users of this platform.

Twitter has set out to help curb these unnecessary arguments by testing out a new prompt that helps identify tweets that might break into heated conversations and arguments.

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Warning prompt for heated conversations on Twitter

As we should expect, Twitter is first testing out the usability of this prompt with a small group of people (like they did with previous added features) before it goes on to the beta stage testing and finally gets rolled out for general usage.

How does this feature work? What it does is to issue a pop-up window under the comments of the expected “heated conversation” that says, “Heads up, conversations like this can get intense”. The choice to join in, or not to, then solely lies on the user.

This feature can help protect unsuspecting users from the deluge of savage remarks that can result from engaging in such conversations.

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