1. How about Firefox OS? We're expecting some devices Firefox OS running devices to land this year also. Isn't it a worthy contender?
    This mobile OS ecosystem is getting saturated. Too many options. If only all these linux based OSes can merge and join forces, their collective might would have a better chance at putting a dent in the top dogs

  2. The proliferation of OSes is not designed to profit the consumers.

    it is all about protecting feathering the nests of the proponents. Me. myself. mine

    At this rate, Facebook will also develop its own OS (or buy). HTC, ZTE, and, and,......

    then the confusion will be complete!

    At the end of the day, the particular OS a device runs is (/should) not be the main focus; it is the ecosystem behind it and the UX that count.

    Imagine what would happen if every Novelist decides to first research and produce his own paper and printing ink first, before publishing.

    • EyeBeeKay,

      Wait o! Is there anyone who really believes that ANY business/company acts in the interests of consumers? Who is that naive? Please, park!

  3. bosun99uk

    I think have seen enough of WP8, and just hoping it gets better cos i can make it my main phone for now.

    I am interested in seeing BB10 esp the qwerty device.

    That Tizen logo is somehow, JUJU like, lol

    Hope Tizen and Sailfish phones will get to us here.

  4. Harry Echemco

    Certainly no business out there has the interest of consumers at heart, it is all about profit but this proliferation of OSes though still not designed to benefit consumers, will ultimately benefit consumers when the market forces set in.

    We know what is happening in the Android ecosystem, it even seriously affected Microsoft's iOS-ish implementation of Windows Phone 7.X and forced them to ease up on their initial hardware and software limitations in the follow-up iteration that resulted to Windows Phone 8.

    And yes, there's still things like Apple trying to block the sales of competing platforms through court injunctions, Google denying competing Microsoft mobile platforms access to some of its services that causes overall poor experience for Windows Phone devices and Microsoft's extortion schemes from Android manufacturers, but consumers are still the ones to benefit from the more ethical(?) competitive practices that go on in the consumer markets as seen within the ecosystem or the situation where Apple is compelled by the success of Android devices on bigger screens to produce a 4" iPhone.

  5. Joel Ebuka

    Okay I've checked out most of the os above other than firefox, for me i'm enthusiastic about ubuntu os or the concept behind it but thats not in at least not until 2014. What's really got my attention is sailfish os i'm itching for it to come out, i just can't wait


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