How to Download/Install AppWorld on your BlackBerry Smartphone

If you cannot find it on your legacy BlackBerry smartphone (Curve, Torch, Bold devices), you can download BlackBerry AppWorld to your phone in a few easy steps. It is a fairly common problem experienced by BlackBerry users. For some reason, BBWorld cannot be found on their device. That means, you will be unable to download, install and update blackberry apps on your device. This article shows you how to resolve the problem and Download BlackBerry AppWorld to your device.

What is BlackBerry AppWorld?

BlackBerry AppWorld is an application by BlackBerry Limited. It provides BlackBerry users with an environment to browse, download and update third-party blackberry apps and is the platform store for legacy Blackberry smartphones. It is also known as BlackBerry App World or BBWorld in user circles.

Download BlackBerry Appworld BBWorld for blackberry apps

Your BlackBerry smartphone must have the BlackBerry® Device Software v5.0 to v7.1. To check what software version your smartphone is running, click Options -> About or Device -> About Device Versions.

Once you have completed the check and are sure that your BlackBerry smartphone qualifies, you can proceed with the next step below.

Download BlackBerry AppWorld To Your Smartphone

To download BlackBerry AppWorld, visit this link from your BlackBerry smartphone: Follow the instructions to download and complete the installation of AppWorld to your BlackBerry smartphone.

That is all you need to do: you now have BBworld installed on your BlackBerry and can go about searching for, buying, downloading and installing blackberry apps and media to your device.

How to Download BlackBerry AppWorld
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How to Download BlackBerry AppWorld
If you cannot find it on your legacy BlackBerry smartphone, you can download BlackBerry AppWorld to your phone in a few easy steps.
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  1. I’ve had a problem with my App World. It has always been in my phone, but for at least 8 months, it has refused to show like other apps.

    The icon is visible. When I check for running apps, it’s always there (along with Web, BBM, Call, Home and Messages).

    This hasn’t bothered me much, since I always get the latest app updates from

    I just updated it (Appworld) using the link above. It was successful and the phone rebooted. But the app still refuses to open/launch. Everything else works ok.

    1. Spacy,

      BlackBerry wahala!

    2. alica

      I can download my blackberry appworld..Y. And it tell me to type in my bb id…what can I do please HELP

    3. Amobi Dave

      Sorry I can’t thank you enough for this it has been very helpful God bless you

  2. Akshay

    Plezzz send the link app world

    1. Anonymous

      I can downlaod my blackberry aPpworld

    2. M a mamun

      I have problem of my blackberry world.I can’t download apps from blackberry world.How can I do plzz help bevice name is blackberry Bold 9790

  3. Anonymous

    I can’t find my app world on my phone blackberry 8520 please help

    1. tijjani ammasco

      I have a problem with download apps world in my BlacBerry 9800 please help me

  4. Jeanth

    I have a problem with download apps world in my BlacBerry 9800 please help me

    1. vineet rawany

      I have a problem with download apps world in my BlacBerry 9800 please help me

    2. I have problem with blackberry world

  5. I can not pind my app wold prom my bb 9300 ,what should I do ? Can you helf me ?

  6. Iyamu Marvis

    Please I have been trying to download BlackBerry Message on my phone, and I have other BlackBerry that I give out before, when I download BBM on my new BBM I keep receive message that my BBM ID is existing in other BBM asking me to retrieve all my data, and when I did the person I gave the phone to cannot longer access his BBM, then I ask him to change the email account of which he did, but now I am still have some other problem in download the BBM. How do I go about it because I want to ping please.

    1. I want to download blackberry world help me

  7. This link does not open on my 9800 and I also can’t downloan apworld at all can any one help regarding this please.from south africa…

  8. I can’t download the blackberry app on my smartphone what can do to download it thank’s

  9. Anonymous

    Pls I have problem wth my blackbrry world I cn’t downlaod it on my smarthphone.pls help me


    My phone cannot download appworld , I don’t know what to do next 9870

  11. Anonymous

    I’ve gt problem in downloading. App world

  12. I wish I could help you guys

  13. Shola Webi

    I can’t find app world on my bb.

  14. ojomo. adetayo

    I can not download in my BlackBerry world 9360

  15. Cish

    I can’t download blackberry world and I need it so bad can you help me out

    1. Elroy Chibex

      Open your BlackBerry browser and enter this search term : Download BlackBerry App World ota.. I’m sure useful links will come out for you

  16. emmanuel

    Pls I don’t ave blackberry I’d on my cel pho is touch ave try so hard pls wat do I do ave try to dawnload it on my pho no way or is it possible 4 me to dawnload in lap or computer

    1. Elroy Chibex

      Its not possible to download it from a laptop. You must have to use a Blackberry

  17. Affan sheikh

    does not download the app world.. It does not work. Do you have another option to download app world?

    1. Anonymous

      Just go directly to santo website

  18. kelly

    I have a problem downloading appworld in my bb 9300,please help.

  19. cute pk

    Kindly explain and assist me, can sm1pls tel me if I can download app store on a z10 or not… I dont have the icon on my phone & Needed to add certain app’s in my phone, eg bank app as they need it at the bank for me to can register internet banking… So pls help… Asap…

  20. antjie

    Help me download my bb app world on my 9320 please

  21. sukma

    Help my download my bb app 9500

  22. Aijaz

    Go to from the browser on the PC or Mac
    Click the Sign In link in the upper right area of the website
    Enter in your BlackBerry ID username and password, then click Sign In
    Browse the catalogue and locate the application you wish to install, select it and when displayed select Download.
    a) If the following is displayed select the link to download the BlackBerry App World Web plug-in:
    The BlackBerry App World Web plug-in is not installed. Click here to download the BlackBerry App World Web plug-in.

    b) If the following is displayed, continue to Step 6 to complete the installation:
    Please connect your device.

    For more information on installing the BlackBerry App World plug-in on a PC, click here or see the Additional Information section below.
    For more information on installing the BlackBerry App World plug-in on a Mac, click here or see the Additional Information section below.

    If not already, connect your BlackBerry smartphone via a USB connection to your computer. If prompted type your smartphone password
    To install the selected application select Begin Sync.
    NOTE: The following message will be displayed during the installation:
    Warning! Sync in progress. 0/1 Complete. Do not disconnect your BlackBerry smartphone or leave this page until the changes are complete.
    Once completed the status will display Complete. At this time you can disconnect your BlackBerry smartphone and start using your newly installed application.

  23. lorraine

    Can’t download anything from blacberry appworld keeps askin me a password an wen I type it in it says invalid

  24. wandani Baitlhoki

    I can’t play anything on youtube I am using bold 9790

  25. Anonymous

    Pls I hav pb on my bold 4

  26. Emmasky

    I can not open my balcberry world each time I try to open it will be telling me that blackberry sooftware is no avilable please help me out now

  27. I cant download apps from my blackberry world, its writing ”No cached credentials. (Error id: 40721)” pls wot can i do?

  28. Can’t download blackberrey app on my 9300

  29. Can’t download blackberry app on my 9300

  30. I cannot download blackberry app world for my bb curve9300

  31. Anonymous

    I can download bbworldapp

  32. I can’t download anything from my blackberry app world it keeps showing erow no catche credentials pls I use curve 9320 help me

    1. Anonymous

      Help me to download BB world

  33. Yogesh

    I download app world in my phone but it is not working properly

  34. idukoma iduonku uloanyi

    I download my BB appworld

  35. How can i download app world on my BB 9860 and also sign up a bb ID

  36. partha dutty banik

    I can’t download anything from my blackberry world.when I open it then the music player becomes automatically on.what can I do now?plz help me fast.plz

  37. olayinka

    I have a problem by downloading blackberry world

  38. maydluv

    Na wa oooh, which day self this blackberry problem will stop in this world even me self I have a problem on my blackberry world I can’t insteal

  39. theophillus

    I can’t download black berry appworld please help me because I need it so bad I’m using 9300

  40. Mfundo

    Help me I don’t know how to download blackberry world on my blackberry curve9320

  41. Franncis

    I can’t download blackberry world on my blackberry 9800

  42. megan

    I can’t download blackberry world on my phone ( blackberry 9300 ) Please Help

  43. jonty

    I’m having some real trouble downloading the app world please do help

  44. Donovan

    Please help me, I can’t download blackberry app world. It tells me I need to upgrade it but when I click on upgrade it gives me the following message…Error: Invalid manifest or application descriptor.

    The “MIDlet-Name” attribute is missing.

    1. Hi Donovan,

      Can you check to see that you have the latest software version for your phone installed?

  45. marris

    I dnt have blackberry world on my phone and I have been trying to download it but its not working please how do I go about it?

    1. Marris,

      What are the steps that you took and what is the error message you got at the point of failure?

  46. ruth

    I can’t download blackberry app world on my phone am using bb touch 2 9800

  47. imoyera favour

    I can’t download blackberry app world on my phone bb touch 2. 9800,
    Place I need it back.

  48. Richard

    I want blackberry world on my fone help please

  49. kashim

    I can’t download bbworld on my phone

  50. How do I upgrade my bb world version…torch 9800

  51. Nouha

    when I try to update my blackberry torch 9860 always I have this :

    Error : Invalid manifest or application descriptor

    The “MIDet-Name ” attribute is missing

    Help pleaase :/

  52. Help me oooo to download on. My bb ooo

  53. How can I download app world blackberry?

  54. peace

    Pls cnt open my BlackBerry world don’t kn why

  55. i have a problem with my black brerry world Z3

  56. When I want to download app world it say “yuo must sing in in blackberry” bt when I’m sing in it say u can’t download it

  57. It doesn’t want to download app worl n whatsapp helpmee gyzzzzzz plsssss help help 0794553379

  58. misheck

    I have a problem to download blackberry world for my bold 9780 I need help pls .

  59. Blackberry world not connect my model 9800

  60. getahun girma

    How can update ma blackberry appworld the model is 9810

  61. Hello,
    Please am having difficulty with download blackberry app world on my 9700, please help!

  62. wow this is really a helpful link now i have AppWorld install on my BlackBerry Smartphone

  63. Lee-Ann Mafakala

    My I’m Lee-Ann

    Can’t Download Blackberry 9300 Appworld Store.
    Is there any way you can send me a Link Plse?

    Lee-Ann Mafakala

  64. I cant download on my BlackBerry Z10

  65. med

    thx so much it worked

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