5G protection clothing, pendants, and bracelets are ridiculous – and in this case, harmful

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The anti-5G conspiracy theorists have moved beyond just spinning stories to actually producing merchandise that are supposed to provide protection from 5G cell towers. One would expect things like Hamzat-style suits and helmets, but alas, instead what we have are bracelets, pendants, and clothes.

A secondary school knowledge of physics and chemistry should tell anyone that there is no way such items can protect anyone or anything from any kind of electromagnetic waves. But humans can be funny.

Not only are these 5G protection items a waste of money, as 5G radio waves have not been found to have any harmful effects, but in Denmark, the authorities have found some of them to be actually radioactive.

Yes; you read that right. In a bid by conspiracies to protect themselves from harmless 5G radio, they are exposing themselves to harmful, radioactivity. Humans can be bewildering.

5G protection clothing
5G protection clothing, pendant, and bracelets are useless – and sometimes harmful

A news report[1] says the Dutch radioactive authority, ANVS, has identified a bracelet, necklace, and a sleeping mask made by a brand named Energy Armor; and a necklace, a silicone bracelet, and a “Sportboost bracelet with negative ions” made by Magnetix as containing “radioactive substances” and, as a result, they “continuously emit ionizing radiation.”

Radioactivity is harmful to living cells, and so wearing these so-called 5G protection items exposes the wearers to possible health issues.

5G radio waves occupy the safe end of the electromagnetic spectrum, while radioactive rays occupy the harmful/dangerous end. It is ridiculous that in looking for protection form 5G, people are exposing themselves to the very waves that can harm or kill them.

Go to school, kids – and actually pay attention in class, to avoid doing ridiculous things like this.


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