InMobi is the world’s largest independent mobile ad network. By mobile ad, InMobi deals with display ad via the mobile web and mobile apps. SMS

A global view of mobile ads: July 2010

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InMobi is the world’s largest independent mobile ad network. By mobile ad, InMobi deals with display ad via the mobile web and mobile apps. SMS and search ads are not included.

InMobi’s inaugural network data report for July 2010 was released in September 2010 and provides some very interesting statistics from the InMobi mobile ad network.


Global Manufacturer Share
InMobi global july2011
Nokia dominated the global scene with 47.4% marketshare of ad impressions. Samsung came in 2nd with 13% and Sony Ericsson 3rd with 10%.

However, Apple and 6 other manufacturers gained some share at the expense of Nokia.

Global OS Share
InMobi global OS july2011
Nokia’s feature phones (26%) and Symbian OS (22%) led the pack, but iOS and Android showed the strongest growth globally, and mainly at the expense of Symbian and Nokia.


Manufacturer Share: Africa
InMobi africa OS share

On the African front, Nokia totally dominated the landscape with 61% share, followed by Samsung in 2nd place at 22%, and Sony Ericsson in 3rd place with 6%.

OS Share: Africa
InMobi africa july2010
In the battle of the OSes in Africa, again Nokia’s feature phones led the pack with 33%, Symbian 2nd with 29%, and BlackBerry at a distant 3rd with 1%.


Manufacturer Share: Nigeria
Inmobi ng manufacturer
For Nigeria, the manufacturer statistics show that Nokia’s share at 1st place was even higher than the continental figures, standing this time at 78%. Sony Ericsson is in 2nd place with 9%, while Samsung followed in 3rd place with 6%.

OS Share: Nigeria
InMobi ng os share
A look at mobile OS marketshare in Nigeria for July 2010 shows that Nokia’s featurephones took up the lead with 65%, Symbian followed with 13%, and all others put together took up 22%.


  1. Is it that Bbs are not as popular as people think or that users are too busy pinging to bother with ads?

  2. It comes as no surprise that Nokia leads the pack, but I was kinda surprised that samsung didn’t make a greater impact and sony ericsson at third position i only know of few people still buying their products.

    Nokia has continued to deliver as they have always created a device for each price point and they march to further make these internet capable devices available to mass market at even lower price point all the more makes them a first device for consumers, i envision a even better future for Nokia if it can take advantage of the handshake it has in africa by making it’s proprietary devices a tad better with limited multitasking and Ovi integration.

  3. with all the noise about ios and android everywhere …nokia is still the only product that has enough variance for every market segment. more than often I recommend nokia devices to people even though I last used one like 8years ago. they have just the right type of phone for every need.

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