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She got in touch with us not too long ago. Her brief was simple. She wanted a blog that would be primarily accessible on mobile devices. She also wanted a fairly short but striking domain name for it. And she wanted it all at rock bottom pricing.

She came to us at The Mobility Company and we had just the thing for her. The result is a relatively simple mobile website that meets her needs. We got her a domain name (www.ortentik.com) and hosting, then setup the blog and tweaked it for mobile. Simple. Nothing fancy.

Lady Ortentik is mobile-friendly and has no desktop interface. Our client wanted a site where she could share what I would call her “raving craziness” with friends – all of whom used Blackberry devices and a sprinkle of other smartphones – and strangers alike. Just mobile, she said.

Of course, you can view the same mobile layout on a desktop still, if you don’t mind that.

A little shameless plug: we do mobile right; so get in touch with the Mobility Company for a range of mobile-specific services today.

Do visit Lady Ortentik on your mobile phone!


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  1. So what is the total capital outlay for a simple mobile website like this. I think it is good avenue for every thinker to share your burning passion

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