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All Smartphones May Use The Same Charger In The Near Future

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Image of USB Type-C cord
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Ever been stuck with a flat battery because no one around you had the same charger type as yours? Well, going by reports emanating from certain quarters, this may change in the coming years as these reports indicate that all smartphones will have a common charging port type in the near future. News making the rounds in the early parts of the week regarding this have been confirmed by the European Union.

Members of the EU will take a vote to decide if it will enforce a universal charging connector for all smartphones and similar smaller electronics. Certain arguments in favour of this move cite the reduction of e-waste as one of the major advantages to this legislation, while also ensuring easy charging for smartphone users. A similar initiative was introduced in 2014 but was not enforced.

Image of USB Type-C cord

USB Type-C connecting cord

The USB Type-C port, popular with many android devices is seen as the likely standard option due to its reversibility of connection, charging speeds and data transfer rates. Apple however holds strong reservations to the proposed regulation, stating that enforcing the regulation is not a guaranteed way to cut back on electronic wastes, as everyone with non-compliant smartphone charger types will eventually have to dispose their old chargers, thereby generating more electronic waste.

As it stands, around 1 billion users worldwide make use of the Apple lightning port, making the idea of doing away with all these ports in a short period of time counter-productive. It remains to be seen what the future holds regarding this idea from the EU and its degree of practicality in the long run.

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