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Amazon Kindle e-Readers: Everything you wanted to know

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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 5th Generation
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Amazon Kindle e-Readers are a range of devices designed for people who want to read e-books, e-magazines, e-newspapers and other digital media. Each Amazon Kindle device is pre-installed with the Amazon Kindle Store, through which users can browse catalogues of titles for purchases. Amazon Kindle devices are typically equipped with Wi-Fi for Internet connectivity.

The first Kindle device was released in November 2007, and several generations of models have been released since then. Different from how Android tablets and Apple iPads are multimedia devices for consumption and production of all kinds of content, Kindles are designed for only one purpose: to read, without distractions.

The original Amazon Kindle e-reader, released in 2007
The original Amazon Kindle e-reader, released in 2007

The displays are ink panels. Ink displays are a low-power, paper-like panels. They have higher contrast, no glare, and provide a more natural reading experience, which is why they are widely deployed in e-readers like the Kindle.

Kindle devices do not have the option to install 3rd party apps, but they do include support for dictionary and Wikipedia look-up when a user highlights a word in an e-book. They also later began to include a Web browser with limited functionality.

All Amazon Kindle devices ever released

  1. Kindle – released in November 2007
  2. Kindle 2 – released in February 2009
  3. Kindle DX – released in May 2009
  4. Kindle 2 international – released in October 2009
  5. Kindle DX international – released in January 2010
  6. Kindle DX Graphite – released in July 2010
  7. Kindle Keyboard – released in July 2010
  8. Kindle 4 – released in September 2011
  9. Kindle Touch – released in September 2011
  10. Kindle 5 – released in September 2012
  11. Kindle Paperwhite (1st) – released in March 2013
  12. Kindle Paperwhite (2nd) – released in September 2013
  13. Kindle 7 – released in September 2014
  14. Kindle Voyage – released in November 2014
  15. Kindle Paperwhite (3rd) – released in June 2015
  16. Kindle Oasis (1st) – released in April 2016
  17. Kindle 8 – released in June 2016
  18. Kindle Oasis (2nd) – released in October 2017
  19. Kindle Paperwhite (4th) – released in November 2018
  20. Kindle 10th Generation – released in March 2019
  21. Kindle Oasis (3rd) – released in July 2019
  22. Kindle Paperwhite (5th) – released in September 2021
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 5th Generation
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 5th Generation

Price of Kindle Devices

The prices of Amazon Kindle devices have varied over the years, from as low as $70 for the Kindle 5, to as high as $489 for the Kindle DX. The Kindle paperweight (5th generation) will cost you from $139.99 to $159.99, depending on the variant you choose.

What operating system do Amazon Kindle e-readers use?

The Kindle operating system uses a combination of the Linux kernel and a Java app for e-book reading.

Where can you buy a Kindle device?

Amazon Kindle e-Readers are available from Amazon stores and other gadget retailers, including: Best Buy, AliExpress, Jumia, Konga, Jiji, and others.

Are there other readers besides Kindle?

Kindles are no the only e-readers available. Amazon Kindle alternatives include: Barnes & Noble Nook, Kobo, Sony, Likebook, PocketBook, ReMarkable, and BOOX devices. Like Kindle, these alternative brands have multiple devices in the market for you to choose from.

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