It is no longer news that Android 9 Pie is out. usually, a new release of a major Android update of this sort means that

6 cool Android 9 Pie features that improve everything

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It is no longer news that Android 9 Pie is out. usually, a new release of a major Android update of this sort means that apart from Pixel/Nexus owners, others had to wait for months to get a taste. This time, another phone manufacturer has bucked the trend and made Pie available on the same day it was launched. Yes; the Essential phone has had its pie baked already. We have had a brief taste of it and thought to share with you some really interesting Android 9 Pie features.


Five Bluetooth Devices With Auto Switching

One of the most cool Android 9 Pie features is that it supports 5 Bluetooth devices (as against 2 in its predecessor). But that is not all; in Pie, when a call comes in while Bluetooth is active, the phone will switch automatically to any of of the paired devices that supports phone calls.

Yes; sounds like Bluetooth got some artificial intelligence too.


Bluetooth Persistent Memory

So, lets say you have 5 Bluetooth audio devices paired and use them at different times and for different scenarios. With Android Pie, your phone remembers the last volume for each and uses that when next you use the device.


More artificial intelligence? Call it whatever, but this is really cool.


Turning Off Unwanted Notifications

If there are some app notifications that irritate the heck out of you (and we know there are), Android pie has a very tasteful solution for you. You can now turn off notifications that you do not want to see, so they stop buzzing you.

This is a gift from heaven. We have a long list of apps that we are quickly shutting notifications for. Hallelujah!


But again, there is some smarter goodness involved here. If you regularly dismiss a set of notifications by swiping them away, Android Pie asks you if you would like to turn those notifications off.


Can somebody shout, Hallelujah?!

Auto Turn-off Hotspot

If you have your mobile hotspot on and after a period of time, no devices are connected, Android Pie automatically shuts it down to conserve your battery. You can disable the feature too if you prefer that. We think it is cool that this is built in though.


Magnifying Glass When Highlighting Text

Highlighting and copying text often requires some measure of precision. To help you do this more effortlessly, Android Pie displays a magnifying glass just above the text you are highlighting, so you can see what you are doing better.



Contextual Rotation Lock

Mister Mo shouted for joy when we found this. You see, he hates auto rotate on phone screens and has his almost always locked to portrait mode. Android Pie has this new contextual rotation lock icon that makes the user experience for someone like him. Here is how it works.


When in an app that supports landscape mode, the new rotation lock icon is visible in the right corner of the bottom navigation bar. Tap it and the app switches to landscape and stays there. Tap it again to switch the display back to portrait.

We find this a super nifty usability tool.

Android 9 Pie Features


More Android 9 Pie Features

Android 9 comes with many more features, some of which you are already familiar with from our earlier articles. They include new gesture-based navigation, adaptive battery, adaptive brightness, Dashboard, App Timer, Wind Down, among others. You can read up HERE.

If you have gotten a taste of Pie, what other Android 9 Pie features do you find really cool?

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