Can an Android Phone Charger Be Used With a Tablet?

Smartphone chargers are now well streamlined (with the exception of the iPhone, and that will change from 2023 when Apple switches to USB-C, like everyone else). Many older phones still use a micro-USB (or USB micro) standard, but most new smartphones being released into the market today use a USB-C charger. Can an Android phone charger be used with a tablet?

The short answer to that is, Yes. An Android phone charger can be used with a tablet. But it depends. Firstly, as with phones, so is it with tablets. Most older tablet models use a micro-USB port for charging, while newer ones use USB-C.

As such, you can use a USB-C charger from an Android phone with a tablet that has a USB-C port. And you can use a micro-USB charger from a supported Android smartphone with a tablet that has a micro-USB port. Pick the right Android phone charger, and it will work with your tablet. That is the longer explanation.

Micro-USB vs USB-C

The next question is, How can you tell which is micro-USB and which is USB-C? In the image bellow, the port on the left is micro-USB (compatible with most older Android phones and tablets), while the image on the right is USB-C (compatible with most recent smartphone models).

Can an Android phone charger be used with a tablet? Micro-USB (left) vs USB-C (right)
Micro-USB (left); USB-C (right)

So, yes; you can use an Android phone charger for a tablet. You just have to be sure that the devices have the same USB port.

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