How to download YouTube videos on your Android smartphone

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In this part of the world data can be quantified to as liquid gold. Yes! data costs are still damn expensive here, though in recent times prices are coming down but it’s not yet Uhuru. Having lots of data affords you the luxury of streaming, but where you don’t have data to stream away, downloading the video would be a better option since you can always play them offline at will.

This is where Tubemate comes into play, with it installed on your Android device. All you have to do is:

  • Browse to your desired video,
  • Click the Green arrow on the top right,
  • Select your desired file format (screen resolution), and
  • Download away.

Tubemate1 (1) Tubemate1 (2)

To get TubeMate, click HERE and pick one of the source links.

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