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APK not installed package appears to be corrupt

If you are an Android app developer using Android Studio, you may sometimes run into a wall when installing an app you are working on. One common error that props when when installing an APK file is the one that says APK not installed package appears to be corrupt.

In other words, the app does not get installed because the APK package appears to be corrupt.

Where the APK package is actually corrupt, it is likely that you downloaded it from a 3rd party source and not Google Play Store. There is always a security risk involved in downloading apps from random sites.

Avoid it as much as possible and go download a copy from the Play Store.

However, it is not in all cases that the file is actually corrupt when you get that APK not installed package appears to be corrupt error. In those cases, you can run a few tweaks to sort out the error.

APK not installed package appears to be corrupt

Solutions to APK not installed package appears to be corrupt error

There are a number of reasons why you may be getting this error. We look at the various solutions to this error.

Solution 1

In Android Studio, go to Build -> Build APK(s).

After creating the APK file, you will see a dialogue that tells you the file has been successfully. Click on locate and proceed to install it in your phone.


Solution 2

The error could be from you having downgraded the target SDK Version in the gradle app module file. For example a downgrade from 24 to 22.

Just change the target SDK version to the current version and the APK file should install without giving you that error any more.

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Solution 3

Lastly, it is possible that you already have the app installed on the phone, but in “disabled” state. Just uninstall the disabled application and try installing your APK file again. The installation should run without an error.

One of the above fixes should resolve the APK not installed package appears to be corrupt error that you have been getting. Do let us know.

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