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Apple Air Pods 2 – Everything you need to know


Mar 25, 2019 ,

Apple AirPods 2 Quick Specs: announced March 2019, new H1 chip, support for Hey Siri command, Bluetooth 5.0, and longer talk time.

The most obvious thing about the new AirPods is that they are exactly the same design as their predecessors. Same design. Same colour. The differences are all on the inside.

What is new in the Apple AirPods 2?

You will find the new Apple H1 chip powering it on the inside. This new chip makes it possible for the new AirPods to switch between paired devices faster, but that isn’t all. It also ads support for the “Hey Siri” voice command.

Bluetooth 5.0 is also a new feature here. In addition, the new Apple AirPods 2 offer longer talk time than the previous model.

new apple airpods 2

Specs in Summary:

  • H1 chip
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Hey Siri voice activation
  • colour: white

Apple AirPods 2 Price and Availability

airpods 2 pricesThe new Air Pods come in two variants, with their case offering the differences – one case offers standard cable charging, while the other offers wireless charging.

The AirPods with a standard Charging Case cost $159, while with a Wireless Charging Case, the price comes to $199. Based on the current exchange rate, residents of Nigeria can expect to pay as much as N55,650 for the former and N70,000 for the latter.

If you would rather keep using your first generation AirPods and want wireless charging, Apple thought of you and released a Qi wireless charging case for that model. You can purchase that for $79 or about N37,000.

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